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A guide to dating and why you should never give up

A guide to dating

Never give up on the dating scene! Whether you’re struggling to find your first love, have had past relationships or not been on a date for years, there is someone out there for you. That person might turn out to be a friend or maybe you’ll find love together, but if you approach dating as a way to have fun and company, you’ve got nothing to lose!

When you’re ready to date, where do you start? Whatever age you are, you could try asking friends do they know anyone single looking to meet new people. If you’re young with a lot of free time, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you will naturally meet someone through friends, work or by going out to pubs and clubs. You may have an active social life, but if you always go to the same venues, with the same people, this might not be helping you. Try to expand your network, by visiting new places and striking up conversations with strangers.

If you are older, think about your interests and widen your horizons that way. If you like reading, then join a book club. Foodies could take cookery classes. Sports fans can take lessons or join a club/team. And so on! If you’ve tried that already or maybe it’s actually asking someone out that is the challenge for you, have you thought about online dating?

Dating websites can be especially helpful if you are in later life, when you might have less time or inclination to constantly go on first dates. This is particularly challenging if you have young children to look after too. It can also be a daunting prospect knowing how to approach people again, after a long period out of the dating scene or a difficult relationship. This is why getting to know someone online in the comfort of your own home can be a successful, quick way to build a foundation for a relationship. A website specifically for older dating helps to ensure you are connecting with people in the same boat, leaving you to relax and enjoy your time online.

A guide to dating

Before long, hopefully you are ready pluck up the courage and ask for a first date, so you need to think of a location. It’s safest to book a public meeting place for starters. You could suggest a few mutually convenient locations for them to choose from. Somewhere you feel at ease, like a favourite coffee shop, a park for a walk or picnic, a cinema perhaps. A museum or gallery are also popular first date spots, or even a farmer’s market, because there’s always something new around the corner to discuss. Generally, somewhere not too loud or too quiet, where you can feel relaxed and is suitable for all types of people works well.

Dress in clothing that makes you feel comfortable for your first date and are appropriate for the venue. When you’re meeting later in the evening, in the current coolest bar, then feel free to go to town with your outfit choice, but more senior first daters shouldn’t feel the need to suddenly dress up in heels (unless that’s your regular footwear of course). It’s best to present yourself as you usually would, rather than trying to be something you’re not, as honesty from the start is key!

Approach a first date without too many expectations but with a positive light-hearted attitude to help achieve success. In conversation, try not to dwell too much on the past or your problems, and if you’re more senior, be careful not to list your ailments. Take a deep breath, be confident and show interest in your date. Conversation starters could include asking them questions. The more creative the question, the more your date will open up. For example, ask them about their most treasured memory, top 3 places on earth or which celebratory they would most like to have dinner with. You could share your dreams or goals, which shows ambition and an adventurous side. Talk about your hobbies, family, work. If any of those subjects make you feel unhappy it is wise to still mention them, rather than hide anything, just move on to something more positive.

Whether you decide to give online dating a try or prefer to look for companionship in a different way, it’s never too late to date and find someone special! You may meet your first love, the love of your life or a close companion to grow old with. Either way embrace and enjoy the new feelings, experiences and insights that dating provides.