Harley Street Counselling and Training in Tunbridge Wells Our skilled professionals use their counselling expertise on a range of mental health issues that may be affecting you or someone you know.

Our interest is your well-being, and we believe that counselling and psychotherapy can be a great aid to leading a more fulfilled life. It can also get to the root cause of behaviours, lifestyle and other issues that affect families and our communities.

Within the confidential space, you can feel able to explore your difficulties in-depth and begin to increase your self-understanding in order to bring change and possibilities.

Counselling can be helpful for a range of issues; including loss, bereavement, anxiety, depression (including postnatal), family and relationship issues, confidence, low self-worth, addiction, anger, jealousy, stress and other common life issues. It is also helpful for recurring dreams and nightmares.

We believe that the foremost influential factor that determines the success of counselling is the relationship between the counsellor and the client.

Contact Details

Tim Potter  – Lead Therapist in Tunbridge Wells, recognised psychotherapist with AXA-Health, AVIVA, Cigna and other major health insurers.

Dawn Betts – Counsellor in Tunbridge Wells.

Niall Crawley-Moore – Hartfield and Groombridge counsellor and EMDR therapist.

Twitter: @harleytweetCT
Address: SPA House, 18 Upper Grosvenor Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2EP
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