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How can CBD capsules contribute towards a healthier life? 

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CBD has been hitting the headlines across the health and lifestyle pages for the past couple of years ago. With a wide range of claimed health benefits and some big-hitting celebrity endorsements behind it, there is certainly no shortage of media hype.  

 But although clinical studies are still at relatively early stages, there is also a growing body of scientific data to support many of the anecdotal claims. Taking control of our own wellbeing is more important than ever in these difficult times. Let’s find out more about how taking CBD capsules each day can help us to lead a healthier life. 

Reducing inflammation 

This is probably the best-known property of CBD and is the one that has the most scientific research to back it up. Inflammation is a natural reaction that the body uses to help heal an injury or fight off infections. However, the immune system often has a tendency to “overdo” it and inflammation can end up becoming a problem instead of a solution.  

CBD works by stimulating different receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. One such receptor reduces inflammation and its associated symptoms. It means CBD can help dramatically with various inflammation-related problems, including recovery from injury, arthritis symptoms and even neuropathic pain.   

Getting better sleep 

If you are not sleeping properly, it can put you on the road to a whole list of psychological and physiological problems. Having trouble sleeping seems to be a side effect of the modern world for many people in this age of variable working hours and constant electronic distractions. But it can be even worse for those living with medical conditions like diabetes, fibromyalgia or stress-related disorders.  

CBD helps to reduce anxiety, while at the same time its anti-inflammatory properties relieve pain and relax the muscles. All this can have a positive effect on your sleep cycle, improving both the quality and quantity of your sleep. 

Healthier skin 

After its anti-inflammatory properties, the second most researched area of CBD surrounds its high concentrations of antioxidants. These make it a highly effective natural alternative to conventional skin treatments 

It serves to soothe and moisturise, making your skin healthier and more supple. In other words, those claims by the celebrity influencers really do have some scientific basis to them and CBD can help you to look younger. Research has also shown it to be effective in treating common skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne.  

 Better sexual health 

Stress, anxiety and unrealistic expectations generated by a sex-obsessed media can make it a lot more difficult for couples to simply to relax and enjoy intimacy between the sheets than was the case a generation ago. CBD helps us to relax, reduces inhibitions and alleviates any physical discomfort, so it should be able to help here.  

That certainly seems to be the case according to a Remedy Review survey carried out last year. More than two thirds of those who tried CBD said it led to more rewarding and enjoyable intimacy.  


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