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5 Hobbies That Can Help Fund Your Travels

Those who are energised by exploring the outside world and who find cultural immersion enriching, hang in there. Good times will come, albeit with more safety measures to follow. Your wanderlust must be at an all-time high right now, especially because you may have been cooped up in your home for so long. It’s a good thing you have hobbies to temporarily quench your thirst for adventure and ease your worries somehow.

Now more than ever, people appreciate having hobbies to keep themselves distracted from the world’s current crisis—and that’s not the only thing that makes hobbies useful. Your hobbies, if they happen to address a particular need among consumers, can be a lucrative source of income. You can start a small and simple business because of your skills and your hobbies, and you can use your profit for emergencies and for more indulgent activities, like travelling.

Help Fund Your Travels

Consider the ideas listed below.

Collecting Souvenirs and Other Knickknacks

Although your travel should focus on appreciating the view in front of you, you can buy keepsakes that can embody and immortalise fun and tender memories of your journey. Other people may not have the time or the means to travel, so having a piece that’s representative of that coveted travel destination may be the next best thing. That’s where collecting souvenirs comes in handy.

You can sell items that are unique to that place. For example, snacks in Japan come in interesting flavours and ingredients that reflect the country’s season. Funky stationery and cult-favourite skin-care products from South Korea are also popular souvenirs.

Aside from noting shipment and airline restrictions, don’t sell souvenirs involving the following:

● Destruction of the environment and biodiversity: decorations made from corals, nautilus shells, and other kinds of marine life

● Harming and/or killing of endangered species: items with ivory, animal fur and other body parts, rare plants

● Any form of illegal labour or unfair workplace practices: blood diamonds and other types of unethically sourced products (e.g., clothes by brands that employ child labor)

Before deciding to purchase “exotic” souvenirs, ask about how these products are sourced. You don’t want to unwittingly support any kind of illegal trade.

Calligraphy and Other Works of Art

Aside from being therapeutic and a good outlet for creative expression, art is always in demand. If you have the knack for calligraphy, you can sell framed quotes or be commissioned to do the hand lettering for wedding invitations, certificates, and other fancy collaterals.

Shutterbugs can sell their snaps, whether as stock photos or as photos for a personal collection. Those who like tinkering with Photoshop or any other design software can use their skills in photo editing and graphic design to create web pages and marketing materials. Remember to price your products and services properly so you are properly compensated for your effort, materials, and experience.

If you are selling some of your works of art, try online platforms for artisans, like Etsy.

Help Fund Your Travels


Those who love spending time under the sun and taking care of their blooms and crops can cash in on their hobby. Growing an organic garden assures you that you can be self-sufficient in the coming months, and you won’t need to worry about pesticides and other harmful chemicals being used on your plants.

You can go start with simple microgardens or even a balcony garden if you don’t have enough space for the traditional sprawling big gardens with beautiful fruit trees sprouting lemons, limes or clementines. When your plants yield more than what you actually need, you can open an online store to sell the extra produce. Make sure to choose an e-commerce platform with competitive pricing, hassle-free navigation, and secure methods of handling sensitive information.

Repurposing and Woodworking

Decluttering your home and getting rid of gently used clothes, toys, bags, and old but very functional furniture will certainly be well worth your effort. If you like crafting, you can repurpose practically anything, whether it’s outgrown clothes turned into quilts or wood crates converted into coffee tables.

Repurposing furniture and other items breathes new life into what would’ve been dust-gathering items that pose health hazards. It may as well be your contribution to lessening the demand for producing new items and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. The more you repurpose, the lesser you create wastes.

Help Fund Your Travels


Life will never run out of things to celebrate, so tasty desserts and pastries will never be not in demand. Besides, people won’t always need reasons to indulge in sweet treats. If you’ve always imagined yourself running a patisserie and you’re talented at decorating pastries, now’s the time to live that dream.

Read about some baking techniques you can try while mastering your skill you’ll have more options for your customers. It also helps to upgrade your baking equipment to cater more orders in the future. Preparation and skills are really essential in making any kind of business successful.

Hustle for Your Travel Goals

There are so many other hobbies out there that can help fund your travels. If you put in a little more effort to market your products and services, this gig may even become a steady source of income. Who knows, this will become your main source of income while enjoying it.

If you eventually decide that to turn these temporary gigs into something permanent, you need to make your business stand out from the rest. Learn how to market it through various digital platforms. There are a few ways on how to easily promote the business from different strategies. All you have to do is focus with 3 or 4 ways and you’ll be good to go.

Research extensively on your target market too so you know exactly how to beat the competition. It would also help if you consult with a trusted digital marketing agency so you’ll have idea on how to start promoting your business. Good luck on your venture, and have lots of fun.

Which passion projects have turned out to be good sources of extra travel money for you? Tell us in the comments section.