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Hilden Oaks Prep – fit for now, fit for the future!

Hilden Oaks Prep School

AD – this post was written and published in collaboration with Hilden Oaks Preparatory School & Nursery

Faced with unprecedented challenges at the start of lockdown, Hilden Oaks’ staff and pupils made a swift and successful transition from physical to virtual learning. From day one, children had a full timetable of lessons delivered through the school’s intranet. Lessons were a blend of live on-line teaching and guided self-learning. Throughout, they continued to offer all pupils a nurturing, family-oriented school experience hand-in-hand with teaching that maintained its ‘Excellent’ standards (ISI report Dec 2017). Across the school, pupils showed high levels of progress and attainment.

Hilden Oaks Prep School

“During this time everyone discovered new talents and new ways of working which we hope will be of continued value as we adapt to the new normal” — Mrs Katy Joiner, Headmistress

Since September, adaptations have been made to allow all the children to make a safe return to school. This, of course, has been made easier by Hilden Oaks’ commitment to small class sizes. With contingency plans in place to allow for any future disruption, they are well-placed to maintain their reputation for excellence and to prepare their pupils for a successful transition to their secondary school of choice.

Hilden Oaks Prep School

This is what one of the Hilden Oaks’ parents had to say:

“I was so impressed with the way Hilden Oaks galvanized into action and implemented its on-line learning and resources so quickly. Bar the social interaction, I really think the school delivered as close to ‘normal’ as circumstances allowed, and went ‘above and beyond’ to ensure pupils still had the pastoral support they would in school.”

Hilden Oaks Prep School

With the on-going pandemic, Hilden Oaks are continuing to focus on ensuring that they can supply a first-class educational experience, whether the pupils are in school or at home. The school has invested heavily in technology to ensure that teaching can continue, whatever happens.

Every pupil has been assigned an iPad and access to the full suite of Microsoft learning software.  Every staff member has been equipped with a portable computer, and the teaching staff are receiving on-going training to ensure that they can deliver the curriculum and support the pastoral needs of pupils.

Hilden Oaks Prep School

This Hybrid/Blended learning model is usually aimed at secondary schools and further education but because of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic Hilden Oaks is successfully applying it to primary-aged children.

Hilden Oaks Prep is currently registering children for Reception in September 2021 but also has a limited number of places available in the current Reception to Form 3 classes.

At the present time, the School is unable to hold physical open mornings to welcome prospective parents. Instead, Hilden Oaks is offering personalised virtual tours with the headmistress, Mrs Katy Joiner, who will converse directly with parents as she guides them around the school, answering questions along the way.

If you would like to find out more about how Hilden Oaks can help your child reach their full potential and/or to arrange a virtual tour of the school, please email registrar@hildenoaks.co.uk or call 01732 353941.

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