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Historical Sites You Can Visit in Knoxville

historical sites Knoxville

Knoxville is a perfectly mid-sized city tucked into the mountains and forests of Tennessee. Although many are quick to dismiss this area because of its low population, Knoxville has a long history and many interesting things going for it.  These are the top historical sites anyone should visit while they’re in town!

Blount Mansion.

Once a family home, this was the home of the only territorial governor of the Southwest Territory, William Blount.  By walking through this mansion, you can learn what life was like back then, what was important to them, and what has changed in the days since.  Although this historical figure isn’t well known outside of the area, getting to know people’s daily lives in the past can be helpful and allow people to understand that it wasn’t that long ago.

Crescent Bend House and Garden.

Another historical home, the Crescent Bend House and Garden home is known for its location on the road.  Although many ceremonies ranging from weddings to brunch parties are held here, this home is also a functional museum.  Offering a chance to walk through what Knoxville real estate used to be and what kind of people used to live there, this house and garden is a beautiful must-see stop along the trail of your trip.

Historic Westwood.

Also known as the Adelia Armstrong Lutz House, the Historic Westwood home is another large and beautiful house with many pieces of history within its original wood frame.  The details of this home’s woodwork and design are breathtaking.  From gorgeous golden flourishes to beautiful wood detailing, enough is going on in every room for you to have your eyes busy at all times.  There are several tours every week, allowing many guests to enjoy walking through a little luxury.

James White’s Fort

Stepping away from the beautiful homes with intricate detail, James White’s Fort might seem simple until you understand the significance of it.  This is the most visited site in Knoxville, which may be surprising since it has the aesthetic appeal of a log cabin.  James White was a captain during the revolutionary war and fought and led his men to keep the British at bay.  Because of his bravery and his dedication to his men, he’s gained a spot in history and Knoxville.

Bethel Cemetery.

This is one of the few confederate cemeteries that can be tracked.  After the war ended, there were so many dead that it was impossible to give many a good burial, but Knoxville persisted.  The Bethel Cemetery is home to over 1,600 dead soldiers and many beloved locals who passed as well.  Although a cemetery may not be what many think of when they travel, this one can be deeply interesting because of its history.

Knoxville is more than simply a place for great music and food.  It has a deep history that many don’t see and people who care about keeping it going and educating others.


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