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7 Reasons to buy a holiday home in Sunny Spain

holiday home in Sunny Spain

With travel having been restricted for so long over the Covid 19 Pandemic there are a large proportion of us who have been longing to get back to seeing the sights of somewhere new. For some people this experience during the Pandemic will have given them the chance to re-evaluate their life and will have cemented the desire to own a holiday home in Sunny Spain.

Owning your own holiday home comes with a whole host of benefits, some of which we have listed out below:


The first perk is really quite simple. You know where you are going. There is something so reassuring about landing in a country and knowing exactly where to collect your baggage, where to collect your car and then the exact route to take to get to your holiday home. It removes some of the stress and gives you the holiday feeling from the moment you set off.

No delays…

Once you have arrived it’s like coming home, especially if you don’t rent it out. You can unpack in no time and get straight on to enjoying your holiday. You will know where the supermarket is, perhaps even have booked an online shop, and once that is complete, you can get on with serving up some tapas and a cold beer or beautifully chilled rose on your terrace in the sunshine.

A straight forward purchase…

Buying a holiday home in sunny Spain can be far less complicated than purchasing elsewhere, especially if you choose the right people to support you with it. Your first port of call will be your Real Estate Agent and then your Real Estate Lawyer. It’s really important to have an experienced lawyer Spain such as Carlos Baño Leó. If you’re looking for a lawyer in Alicante click the link for an English speaking legal representative.

Book ahead…

You can book your favourite restaurants in advance to ensure you get the booking you want because, with experience, you know where to go and when. You will enjoy getting to know the waiters and waitresses as they recognise you over the days, weeks and years you visit. It can really enhance your holiday experience when you build up connections with people in the bars and restaurants you visit.

Learn something new!

You have the joy of being able to learn the local language and actually using it. If you are staying for a few months at a time it will be well worth finding a tutor to help you learn the language as, although one of the benefits of Spain is that most natives speak English, you will get great satisfaction out of being able to converse in Spanish. It will also be more interesting to understand what is being said around you in restaurants or on the beach.

Important friendships

You will get to make friends with other ex-pats and holiday makers who visit at the same time as you. Meeting people with a similar lifestyle as you gives you an immediate connection and talking point.

Safety first…

In the event of an emergency of any kind, be it medical or dental or anything else you will know exactly where to go or what telephone number to call. This can be particularly reassuring if you have young children or elderly parents with you.

Are you thinking of purchasing a holiday home in sunny Spain? Let us know in the comments below. It is something we would love to do in the future…


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