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Top 7 home décor ideas for 2021 

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Most of us have waited for 2021 like never before! For obvious reasons, of course! 2020 was not a remarkable year for most of us. The new year has just about begun giving us reasons to rejoice and celebrate.

One great way to make fresh beginnings is to do up the interior décor of your home. There are many latest trends afloat, and you would want to choose a few and add-on more to fill your home with energetic and revitalized forces.

The top seven home décor ideas that are trending for 2021 are described here.

Adding greens to your indoor areas

It may sound cliché, but more and more people today are embracing the green concept. And, the reason probably is the growing awareness about the toxic air outside. Even though many activities are being done globally, issues like depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, increasing carbon emissions, and other environmental problems are not going away anywhere soon. Technological advancements have witnessed the launch of new-age air purifiers, but nothing works as impressively as indoor green plants. They add aesthetics to your place, too, while ensuring a continued supply of fresh and clean air.

Luxurious minimalism is the next big thing

Can you believe that we are going to spend on minimalist look now than ever before? It is being termed as luxe minimalism- a fast gaining acceptance and popularity because most of us work from home. And, you wish to replicate the ergonomic functionalities, look and feel of your office. So, except a lot of marble and wood – natural materials and hues to make way into your home this year. Minimalistic décor items help sync a balance or calmness of the mind. A red sea aquarium is also one of them that helps you to keep calm and stress-free.

Rounded fixtures

One home décor idea to look forward to this year is the use of rounds and circular décor fixtures. For example, rounded furniture or armchairs look extremely stylish. Not to forget that these are extremely comfortable too. Knotty wood carvings and surfaces with ornamental carvings are definitely in this year.

The traditional and vintage look is back

The good news is that we are back, trying to get to our roots once more. Ancient styles have a unique, sophisticated look while the nostalgic warmth is so upbeat. Infuse your indoors with the timeless charm of some vintage décor items – either received from your forefathers as a heritage item or shop for some of these eternal beauties online. Traditional damasks, ornate scrolls, soft furnishings, retro sofa sets, statement lighting fixtures, ornamental chairs for the dining table, the poignant wooden cupboards, intricate doorknobs, elaborately designed chandeliers, or rich, velvety fabrics – all are great for that traditional feel!

Calming fabrics and colours for your home

Sustainability is what is the underlying trend all through the beginning of this new decade. Choose fabrics and colours that blend ceremoniously with the natural outdoors. Earthy tones are definitely in this year – adding warmth and cheer to our lives. Tactile fabrics, organic materials, soft linen, recycled products, bamboo décor items, eco-focused carpets from natural fiber, warm greens, and the earthly browns – these are the ideas to look for in your home this year. And, remember, all of these are affordably priced, proving thereby sustainable for your pocket too.

Lighter – toned wooden pieces are popular this year

Going light, minimalist, simple, and toned-down are in for this year when it comes to wood; keep the tone light. It brings in a rustic, old-world charm and stirs the modern sensibilities. Match it mark-to-mark with light carpets and bold wall colours. The effect is mesmerizing as the contrast illuminates the place wonderfully well.

Converting a home into a temporary office with the right décor items

The pandemic has forced most of us to stay indoors and embrace the work from home culture. With the after-effects here to stay for some time, one functional addition to your décor indoors is to choose items that make working easy and seamless. Go in for furniture with crisper and clearer lines. Choose a patterned wallpaper behind with a desk light added to bring a professional look to your living space. Ensure you invest in a chair that is not elaborately comfortable but enough with an ergonomic design!.

Get going with these exclusive home décor ideas for 2021 to live through the new year with the contemporary mindset so that you stay indoors with ease and stay safe!