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7 Fun Home Improvement Projects You Can Do With Your Kids

Home Improvement Projects

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that is still affecting people worldwide, most of us are still stuck indoors and trying to adhere to the social distancing order. In fact, by now, you have watched all the movies in the house and played all the puzzles that your kids own numerous times, and you’re probably looking for better ways to keep everyone in the house active. And with the holidays and winter already here, you must be looking for a better way to make our homes cozy.

Luckily, numerous home improvement ideas can help you prepare your home for the coming cold seasons. However, with the kids around, doing some heavy improvement projects can be quite tricky. So, instead of working alone, why don’t you try the following fun home improvement projects that you can do with kids.

7 Fun Improvement Projects That You Can Do With Kids

1.   Build a Coat Rack

With winter around the corner, you will need a sophisticated coat rack for everyone to hang their jacket as soon as they get into the house. The coat rack will also make your home tidier and allow the jackets to dry before being stored. You can even create space for hanging your keys and even dog leashes on the same rack.

For this project, you need numerous hooks and a backplate. The backplate can be a piece of wood that you can cut to any specific dimension and design using a band saw. The simplest design for coat racks is normally a rectangular backplate, which you can easily cut using this essential woodworking tool. You can also create any unique design using your band saw and then sand the curved edges to make an even rounded backplate.

Once the backplate is done, you can allow your kids to stain it before adding the hooks. The hooks can be anything from rounded wooden pegs to some unique hooks bought from the store. Make sure the hooks are 6 inches apart to create enough space for the jackets to hang.

2.   Build a Cozy Cat House

Cats are solitary creatures that need a safe haven where they can go and be alone. And since purchasing a cat house can be quite costly, why don’t you build a cozy house for your cat where it can hide during the cold winter months?

Besides saving you some cash, building a cat house can be a great and fun project for you to do with your kids. You can build a wooden cat house using some power tools with your child as your assistant. Once the cat house is done, you can let the kids stain it and make it comfortable and warm for the family cat.

3.   Paint Your Home

A fresh paint coat is the simplest and most rejuvenating home improvement idea that you can tackle with your kids. To make it a kid-friendly project, you can start by covering the floor and sockets yourself before getting the children involved. And if you feel daring, you can allow them to pick the new color for their rooms.

While you do the detailed part of the job, your kids can take some small brushes and practice their alphabets on the walls. If they are using some small rollers, you can allow them to draw letters “W,” and “M.” Let the kids have fun as you and your partner create a beautiful feeling in all the rooms in the house.

Home Improvement Projects

4.   Clean and Declutter the House

An extremely clean house is a happy home. So you can teach your kids how to declutter their rooms and clean them. Teaching them how to clean their rooms can turn them into responsible individuals. You can introduce a little science in the project by adding baking soda to vinegar to create a spray bottle. You can also teach your kids how to make the dirty sinks in the house sparkle using an old toothbrush and a homemade cleaning solution. With this project, your kids will learn more than just taking care of the house. Your kids will learn to be responsible and how to save cash by making homemade cleaning solutions.

5.   Introduce House Plants in Your Home

If going in the backyard is not an option, you can bring a bit of the outdoors in the house by introducing some house plants to your home. Besides beautifying your home, houseplants can get rid of about 87% of the toxins in the atmosphere. Therefore, the house plants can purify the air in the house and make it easy for your loved ones to breathe.

Luckily, numerous house plants are relatively easy to maintain. Plants like spider plants, Aloe plants, succulents, and pothos are the easiest to maintain even in winter. With this project, you will have fun with your kids playing with dirt and learning science at the same time.

6.   Hang Photos

Hanging a picture is more than just hammering a nail into the wall; it is an art. And teaching your kids a perfect way to hang portraits can be a great way to spend time with your kids. So grab some 3M hanging strips, a painter’s tape, a level, and a measuring tape. Allow your kids to measure the length and width of the picture frame. And using the measurements cut pieces of the tape and place them on the wall and then add the hanging strips. Let your kid add the hanging strip at the back of the photo frame and finally hang it. You can allow your kids to do the other photos.

7.   Create a Reading Nook

You can make learning fun for your kids by building a beautiful book nook in the house. Give your house a rusting feeling by organizing books in wooden crates. For this project, you will need some vintage wooden crates, which can be found in the store. The older children can help you pick the right color and then paint it together and allow them to dry.

Once they are dry, you can stack and secure them together along your kid’s bedroom wall. And to make it even more comfortable, you can add a bean bag chair or some beautiful cushions.

Final Thoughts

Completing projects with your children can be fun and helpful. Teaming up with your kids for a DIY project can build their confidence and improve their skills. Instead of working on all the DIY home improvement projects alone, why don’t you do the above tasks with your kids? But make sure you pick something simple and safe that can introduce age-appropriate introduction to woodworking tools and concepts.


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