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Home Repair Checklist After Winter

Home Repair Checklist

Spring is not that far away, so start planning your home repair checklist now. There will be plenty to do around the house as the weather turns warmer. Get organised now, so you can be prepared when the time comes.

Do an Inspection

As the weather allows, take a thoughtful look at your home by walking around the house to see how it looks. The roof may have loose or missing shingles, and the chimney cap might be damaged or missing. The gutters and downspouts could be dented or broken. Check the foundation for signs of crumbling or shifting. Make sure the siding and porch rails are in good shape. Notice if the patio wood is looking worn, moldy, or splintering. See if the sidewalk or driveway are in good shape or need reconditioning. Make a list of the problems you see in all areas.

Make a List

For each repair that needs to be made, list all the tools, equipment, supplies, and materials that have to be rented or bought. Many products are not currently on the store shelves, so in addition to browsing online, list the items that you plan to use. You can also list the contractors to call who can advise you where to obtain needed supplies and tools as well as help with some of the work, if needed.

Prepare Tools and Equipment

If you have tools or equipment that you can use, clean them and sharpen or prepare them when the weather breaks. Organize everything in the garage or shed, so that it is easy to find and ready to use when the time comes. Sharpen the saws and locate your drill bits while keeping everything together where you can find it. Contact home repair stores to see if they will be carrying special tools you might need to rent to save time when you start the home repairs. Include cleaning supplies and storage bins, so that everything is ready and in place.

Check Prices

Look for discount prices on off-season items or early seasonal sales on products like deck sealers or pavers that will increase in price when the season changes. Ask about any discounts or upcoming sales events where you can save money on the supplies you need to buy. Compare prices online or visit Catherin Galvin’s complete review to find the best deck sealer for your needs. Stock up now on products that are available or can be pre-ordered to avoid missing out when other buyers order their materials before you do.

Do the Prep Work

On your checklist, remind yourself to do any preparation work that is needed before making the springtime repairs. For example, the deck will need to be sanded and stripped before applying sealant. The foundation of your home will have to be patched or filled in. Other tasks might have to be done in advance before you can tackle the major repair work. For example, you may need to clear out accumulated dead leaves from under your home’s windows if you plan to put in new windows or paint the shutters. Tree roots that are creeping closer to your patio might have to be trimmed. Visualize the big picture and workspace for your repair jobs before getting started.

Line Up Contractors

If you know for sure you will need to hire licensed experts, add their names and contact information to your checklist. You may want to call them now for an estimate if they can provide one to ensure they will be available to do the work at a price you can afford. They can add the job to their spring schedule, and you can count on her help instead to trying to find someone at the last minute and waiting for their schedule to open up with available time for your job.

Preparing for your spring home repairs should begin during the winter. Start with a detailed checklist that reminds you of what you will need, how to prepare it or obtain it, and removing obstacles to the repair areas.