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How to Help Your Child Transition from Home to University for the First Time

How to Help Your Child Transition from Home to University for the First Time

When the time comes for your child to leave the family home and start their university experience for the first time, it can be daunting and exciting. And that counts for you as well as them.

It’s a test for your child and you as a parent, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Preparing well and aiding their transition will help them get used to university life quicker. Find out more about what you can do to help below.

Ready Yourself

Realising that your kids are growing up is scary and although this change is about them, you also need to ready yourself for what’s coming. It’s alright to feel a little down about the thought of your baby growing up and moving away from home for the first time. Although it’s also a positive thing not just for them but for you as well. It’s a chance to start a new chapter.

Discuss Things and Understand Their Expectations

It’s a good idea to hold discussions with your son or daughter about what they’re about to experience. Although they might seem fine on the surface, they might have their own worries and concerns that they want to discuss with you. And it’s also a good idea to discuss their expectations. You might be able to give them more information about what to expect, especially if you’ve been through this yourself.

Educate Them Regarding the Skills They’ll Need and What They Should Know

If there are any skills or knowledge you think they might benefit from when it comes to their transition to university life, you should try to help them with that. This could be anything from cooking to hygiene or whatever else they’re now going to need to do for themselves now they’re living away from home for the first time.

How to Help Your Child Transition from Home to University for the First Time

Help Them Find the Best Possible Accommodation for Their Needs

One of the challenges you’ll need to overcome initially is finding the right accommodation. There’s a lot of university-specific options in most locations, such as student accommodation at the University of Coventry. There are obviously options that are not specifically tailored to students too, so it’s up to you to help them find the accommodation that best meets their needs.

Be There to Help But Don’t be Intrusive

As a parent, you need to be there for your kids as they experience all of this, but at the same time you don’t want to be too intrusive. Students don’t want or need their parents to hover. But they often do need their parents to be there when things are tough and they need some help, advice or simply someone to talk to.

Making the transition to university life can be a real challenge. Not everyone finds moving out of the family for the first time easy, but you can make the transition smoother if you take the steps we’ve discussed above. It should be your aim to make life easier for your son or daughter at this daunting yet exciting time.


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