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Step by Step: How To Be A Successful Blogger

How To Be A Successful Blogger

In recent years, many people have become interested in being a successful blogger. And the best part is that they absolutely can! 

Writing about your life, travels or any other thematic aspect or viewpoint of life and beyond is possible to profit from and heavily promote. 

Successful bloggers are a mixture of clever wording and a skilful promotional plan…To the right pair of eyes. 

In this blog, we want to focus on obtaining that seemingly perfect mixture, despite the already established bloggers the internet has to offer. 

Let’s begin!

Brand Your Words

Many famous and celebrated artists have gotten to that peak point in their lives and careers due to one rare but attainable skill that’s undoubtedly evident in their art – originality

Whatever you are writing about and however you choose to present yourself, make sure to leave a personal touch. Something your readers will recognize you by. A phrase, design, or even your own inner jokes – it’s what builds up character when the actual person is missing. Exactly what authors do to the characters in their books – give it life!

Additionally, make sure you speak without a filter. Be honest with your readers and Instagram followers about your opinions and thoughts. Nothing is better than real and genuine relatability and interaction online. Try not to lose it while trying to get to the top because many do!

How To Be A Successful Blogger

Promote Your Words

The best way to get your words across is the most organic approach you can possibly do. This means you would have to create a big connection between your blog posts and your own social media. Instagram, being the number one of the whole bunch. 

Here’s how you do it. 

The absolute best way to get the most clicks and reads from Instagram is via the Swipe Up feature. Sure, not everyone is blessed with this premium hallmark – but the ones that are, listen up!

Since this feature was designed to take the viewers straight to the linked page in question, the amount of “swipe ups” is pretty high, as you can imagine. But the Instagram promotional train doesn’t stop there. Just because you don’t have this prerogative doesn’t mean you can’t catch a few extra fish in the sea.

A simple screenshot of your blog and featured image, combined with some charming GIFs and stickers also does the trick. Many of your most loyal users will want to know what the topic is about.

You can even go as far as posting a small sneak peek, a little sentence from the blog itself perhaps. Depending on which part of it you’ve chosen, this could definitely be it with some folks. All in all, no matter how you present it, Instagram is bound to bring you views – it’s designed to!

Thankfully, there are many ways to boost your instagram engagement! And so, the bigger your audience, the more readers you’ll have. Fairly simple maths. 

Consistency is Your New Best Friend

Being consistent in life is a trait we should all strive to have. In the blogger world, this handy trait isn’t a plus, but a necessity

Having a good schedule you follow-through gives your audience listed anticipation regarding your posts. The most loyal readers will be interested in what you have to offer week after week. They want to see the progress and thematic diversity in the topics you write about. Try not to stray away too much from what makes you unique in the beginning, before you create a steady reader crowd. 

Furthermore, try not to miss out on any expected date of release. If that ends up happening, always let your followers know about the change in advance. You can make it up to them later on! If you don’t have time to stick to a regular schedule, consider outsourcing some of the writing. I have been using copywriting services for several years now and it has helped immensely.

Bright minded and creative writers with consistency and good promo on their side have nothing to worry about. Despite the internet already being filled with the before-mentioned journalists, there’s always room for more of those willing to work hard and brightly!