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Beautiful, timeless and classic photography, capturing your pregnancy and your baby, from those precious early weeks of their life all the way up to their first birthday and beyond. I can’t wait to help you tell your family’s story.

As well as being a photographer, I’m mum to two wonderful boys. This fact might not matter if I didn’t photograph newborns. As it is, I can remember precisely how fiercely protective and emotionally vulnerable I was when I had my boys. Those first six weeks seemed both to last forever and to pass in a blur. Babies seem to change constantly, you’re just getting used to one stage and they’ve moved on to the next – sometimes it’s hard to keep up!

♥  Newborn sessions

Newborn shoots take place when your newborn is between 4 and 14 days old, while your baby is still very sleepy, curled up and flexible.

Sessions usually last 2-3 hours, depending on your little one’s sleeping and feeding needs. It’s very rare for a newborn to sleep through the whole of our session. In fact, it’s often an hour or more before I even pick up my camera. There is no rush, I prefer to work at your baby’s pace.

♥  Maternity Sessions

Being pregnant is one of the most extraordinary things you’ll experience. The thought that I was growing another human being inside me just blew my mind! It doesn’t always feel like that though, especially when you’ve got swollen ankles, heartburn and you can’t put your own shoes on because your bump gets in the way!

But that all seems to melt away when you feel your baby kick and get to know its movement patterns, it’s one of the first things you learn about your little one.

A maternity session celebrates this amazing time in your life, they’re the first images of your new family and ones you and your children will look back on with wonder and joy.

♥  Older Baby sessions

After 3 months, the length of my sessions reduces to an hour and I concentrate on wakeful shots. By now your baby should be smiling and laughing and respond to noises.

Older baby sessions are great fun and full of energy. Little ones are often either crawling or walking and they’re into everything!! It’s not unusual for an older baby to become rather serious when they get in front of the camera, even if they’re very smiley babies usually. I love those earnest pictures and take lots of them. We also spend lots of time encouraging that gorgeous smile your little one might be hiding!

♥  Cake Smashes

Cake Smash sessions are around an hour and a half long and are an absolute blast. I provide backdrops, decorations, the cake and a choice of outfits.

After the cake smash, I like to calm things down with a bubble bath, which has the added bonus of cleaning your baby up!

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