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How to Reduce Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cost? Find Here

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a leading therapy to treat mild to severe illness. Here, the patient lies comfortably inside a chamber for at least an hour. It may depend on the patient’s health needs, so that treatment time may vary. Generally, people suffering from chronic illness go over 30 treatment sessions. Now, this increases the hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost as you’re paying for every session. Keep reading to know how to make your treatment cost-effective. Before that, let’s have a look at some benefits of HBOT.

Pros of HBOT

Prevent Anaemia

Anaemia is the condition when the body is lacking in red blood cells. Due to fewer red blood cells, the bloodstream cannot carry enough oxygen to the body’s tissues. Moreover, deficiency of red blood cells leads to frequent fatigue, pallor, and weakness. HBOT treatment has helped people suffering from acute anaemia. As the therapy provides more than average oxygen which is spread to haemoglobin, plasma, and tissue. So, the red blood cells formation increases.

Prevent Brain Infections

Brain infection is also called intracranial abscesses and is caused due to the accumulation of puss within the confines of the skull. If not treated timely, brain infection can end up with death or potentially lead to coma. HBOT is a powerful treatment to displace intracranial abscesses and can be done simultaneously with surgery and antibiotic therapy. HBOT prevents the bacteria (puss) from replicating & spreading within the body. Thus reduce intracranial swelling.

Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers

People dealing with diabetic foot ulcers should find hyperbaric oxygen therapy ( near me). Ulcers are caused due to poor blood circulation or nerve damages. So, HBOT, with its extra oxygen supply, helps with such issues. Diabetic patients can go for hyperbaric oxygen therapy to heal wounds and avoid the necessity of amputation.

Prevent Traumatic Injuries

Do you know traumatic injuries can cause muscle swelling and neurologic problems? This happens to individuals who have had a car accident or suffered prolonged obesity. Even the damaged blood vessels can lead to traumatic injuries. The complications may include non-healing wounds and amputations. Oxygen therapy circulates the oxygen to the whole body and repairs the damaged tissues. Plus, it promotes the growth of new blood vessels, which heal traumatic injuries.

Prevent Radiation Damages

Radiation therapy is a sought-after treatment for patients undergoing rehabilitation from cancer. Radiation treatment kills cancerous cells and reduces an illness that spreads in our bodies. However, radiation therapy fails to understand the healthy and unhealthy cells and damages the good cells. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy combats the radiation damage to the good cells. The body gradually promotes new cells formation.

How to have Pocket-Friendly HBOT

As above, we have discussed the advantages of HBOT. So, it becomes vital to take this treatment, but finance can be a significant constraint. It’s challenging to pay for every session. You can look for a self HBOT, which means to get a home chamber. This may require a one-time investment but save you from high spending. You can use it whenever you need it, and it is a better option to reduce your treatment expense.