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Top tips for having a jam-packed summer with your kids

jam-packed summer with your kids

Every year it is the same: the kids are really looking forward to their summer holiday because it is the time they do not have to go to school, while the parents are dreading the upcoming summer holiday because the kids are off school.

Well, this is one of those times when planning is the key to happiness and hopefully not too much arguing between siblings, which, in reality, is so totally going to happen.

Making sure that there is something planned for everyone’s taste or at least alternate days is a good way forward. Though with some kids, you do have to be on the ball as things may change daily.

Here are some ways to make an enjoyable day for everyone whilst making sure that nobody is left out.

#1 When planning days out

When planning days out, you may find it easier to double up with other parents and go out as a group, especially if the kids all get on. This way the kids should be able to entertain themselves whilst having fun and you with the other parents can watch from a distance.

Choosing somewhere with lots of space but that is reasonably secure, like a playing field or forestry commission site, could be an idea. Preferably somewhere that has toilets for the kids and a coffee house or van for the parents can offer great relief.

#2 A short camping trip

If you are feeling brave, maybe a short camping trip is a good option. This will also be easier if you plan to go with other families or members of your own family, and not only for you but for the kid’s enjoyment as well.

Depending on whereabouts you decide to go camping, there could be all sorts of activities which the kids could try, such as horse riding, cycling, or Go Ape Tree Top circuits in some forestry commission sites, to name a few.

Camping can be a reasonably cheap alternative to a major holiday, and if a short stay is planned, it can always provide a break within the summer holiday or an extra holiday slotted in during the year between other major family breaks.

#3 Taking a picnic

Make sure to take plenty of food and drink with you. If possible, get the kids involved with choosing and making their picnics the day before, although, as this article on Get out with the kids shows, it’s not the only way of doing things.

This will give them something to do on that day and will hopefully encourage them to eat what it is they have chosen. It is also less for you to do on the day, and having a day cooking in the kitchen can be great fun for you and the kids making cakes and biscuits and other treats.

Be sure to get the kids to clean up after themselves and leave your kitchen spotless after all the cooking and preparing of the picnic has taken place.

Budgeting For Summer

The summertime brings plenty of opportunities to have fun with the kids, but it can also be a cause for concern for parents for how they can afford it all. After all, kids can be expensive. If you don’t want to feel as though this is too much for your purse strings and still want to offer the kids some fun in the sun this summer, then getting a budget in order is vital.

See if it is possible to make some cutbacks to save a little money in the lead-up to summer, but also make sure to check out the options you have available to you in the form of benefits and grants that are specifically there to help parents with their finances.


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