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Simple secret for your health: Knee pillow for side sleepers

Knee pillow for side sleepers

In the wide range of studies dedicated to the night sleep scientists have come to an unexpected conclusion: the most useful pose for a person during sleep is when the sleeper puts a pillow between his legs.

What can benefit the body of a sleeping person putting a knee pillow between their legs?

In everyday life, good posture is very important for any person. For some reason it is believed that it is necessary to control your posture principally while sitting and standing. Only few people pay attention to the fact that the back muscles also relax and recover during sleep. Therefore it is very important to maintain a good posture while sleeping.

The most relevant task is to keep the right position of the body during the night sleep. This position of the body depends on the spine, which contains three main bends: in the neck, in the thoracic vertebrae and in the lumbar vertebrae.

Experts came to the conclusion that it is necessary to choose the right pose, putting a knee pillow between the legs.

When back pain disturbs us during the sleep, it means that you are sleeping in the wrong position. The pain only increases, and the state of health worsens.

A leg pillow for side sleepers placed between the legs will help to resolve this problem. It will not allow the body to distort at night – that’s why it is important to put a pillow not only under the head, but also between the knees.

The benefits of sleeping with a knee pillow:

  1. The pillow between the legs gives comfort, reduces pressure and muscle tension of the body.

Falling asleep, you do not pay attention to the fact that the knees usually lie very close to each other. At this moment a tension appears in the lower back and hips, because the pressure decay on the legs instead of the back.

The pillow located between the legs eases the lower part of the spine and you sleep like a log. Whereas, in the morning you wake up cheerful, full of strength and energy.

  1. Knee pillow for side sleepers reduces lower back pain. Also, it prevents muscle cramps, varicose veins, and keeps from sciatic nerve neuralgia.

Lower back pain is a problem that affects almost everyone. Because of it, it is very difficult to find a comfortable position during sleep. To add insult to injury, varicose veins, muscle cramps, spasms during menstruation also bring inconveniences. Taken all together, these inconveniences do not allow a person to fall asleep normally and rest comfortably during a night’s sleep.

A knee pillow located between the knees, will perfectly cope with this problem. The pillow aligns the lateral position of the body during sleep.

A person with a bad back feels uncomfortable and tormented during sleep, especially if he wants to straighten up and keep his back straight. You can make it better and get a knee pillow to put it between your knees. The back turns in a neutral position, in which it is not completely straight, but also not excessively curved. The upper leg does not fall on the lower one, the body feels comfortable.

  1. The pillow between the legs prevents the rotation of the hips.

You move all day, your hips rotate at this time, and your spine bends, which happens naturally during the day. This is a usual habit and you don’t even pay attention to it.

However, to avoid pain in the morning, it is necessary to prepare your body properly before sleep. A leg pillow for side sleepers located between the knees will help to do this.

  1. Knee pillow for sleeping helps to improve blood circulation.

If the blood circulates poorly during sleep, you will wake up feeling cramps or tinglings in your limbs.

The pillow located between the legs will promote better blood circulation in the lower limbs.

  1. Knee pillow provides the ideal position of the body of pregnant women during sleep.

Every woman who has ever found herself carrying a baby knows that attempts to lie comfortably in bed often end in a real nightmare, since a pregnant woman cannot choose a comfortable sleeping position for herself.

To ensure a comfortable sleep for a pregnant woman, it is better to use a knee pillow, which supports the muscles and ligaments of a woman in childbirth.

  1. Prevents sleep apnea syndrome.

Many people probably know such a phenomenon as sleep apnea syndrome. This disease includes all breathing difficulties, even those that occur in a dream, in this case a person may even die. With apnea, the tongue and laryngeal muscles relax, breathing becomes difficult and in rare cases may even stop.

The most common sign of apnea is a strong snoring.

The knee pillow between the legs helps the respiratory tract to be more stable and in that case air freely enters the body.

The correct location of the spine removes pain in the neck or back, which reduces the risk of sleep apnea.

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