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Top 4 Latest Fashion Trends Not Even Your Friends Know About Yet        

Latest Fashion Trends

Spring is here, and so are the latest fashion trends for the year. From never-before-seen trends to vintage ones that have been repurposed, 2021 is set to see some of the most memorable trends in fashion history. Here’s a spoiler alert, though: some of these trends may be news to you but watch out because you’d be seeing them a lot more often now that you are aware of them.

Typically, trends are set by big fashion conglomerates and celebrities and their stylists. This time around, it is not so different except that some of these trends were on a lowkey until a famous entity “validated” them.

With all that said, these are the top 4 fashion trends, not even your friend–whose pastime is scrolling through Asos–knows about.

#1 Capes

Not all heroes wear capes, but this year, we’d be having more heroes in capes walking the streets. Fashion houses, including Chanel and Valentino, have been seen adorning some of their recent pieces with what people would refer to as “cape blend,” which is still a variation of the superhero capes. These cape blends seem to blend well with all sorts of garments – jumpsuits, gowns, and even just blouses. This makes them versatile as they can be paired with any piece of clothing and detached later in the day. Some capes are longer than others, but in fashion, we don’t discriminate.

#2 Masks

Who would have known that one day, face masks would become statement fashion pieces until early last year? The intention behind wearing masks initially was to protect ourselves from the virus, but in 2021, we have stylists incorporating glittered, bejeweled masks into their wardrobes. 

The most prominent color for this trend is black, not just because it is a versatile color but also because of the sense of luxury that bedazzled black pieces exhibit. We can be sure to see this go on for a while even after the pandemic is over or we’ve all become immune.

#3 Monochrome

No, this is not a fashion piece but the color combo – black and white. Punk Rave have some marvellous monochrome options to wear which you simply must check out.

Monochrome is all the rave this season and it has appeared as checkered garments, two-piece clothing items, polka dot fabrics, or just two plain fabrics sewn together. You can visit here for amazing options too, and remember, whichever way, the black and white trend is here to stay. 

#4 Baggies

These used to be a trend back in the days, and they were still trendy in 2020. If you doubt this, check out Louis Vuitton’s latest pant collections. For the baggies, there isn’t one-size-fits-all tailoring for it except, of course, the fairly large amount of fabric that goes down on it. Some of these pants are a little fitted at the top, and some others are wide from top to bottom, save the waist for fitting.

Since Spring is just beginning, you can be sure that this list would be updated in a couple of months, but these four trends are almost certain to last the whole year and possibly into the next. It seems the theme for this year’s fashion trend is comfort because you can be sure to breathe comfortably while trying any of the trends out. Talking about trying stuff out, which of these trends do you think you would be rocking anytime soon?