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Les Puces to launch French Online Learning programme this week!

The Les Puces language learning method which was created by Mandie Davis (who happens to be a Tunbridge Wells Mum) in 2015 is launching a French Online Learning programme this week for 3 to 11 year olds!

Les Puces French Online Learning

Let’s think about language learning! What words spring to mind? Difficult! Yuck! My brain can’t cope! Boring!

Now let’s wipe the slate clean and start ensuring your children’s perception is totally different. In fact, it can be just another subject that they embrace and learn easily as they grow. 

The Les Puces method is already being used to teach French in schools across the South East, but the Covid-19 downtime has been used to develop and launch an exciting new hybrid French learning experience for you!   

Les Puces French Online Learning

Every 8 weeks you get the chance to unlock a trove of online learning videos, worksheets, games, karaoke, songs and storytelling as well as receiving an exciting parcel with a bilingual book, project and worksheets in the post. 

Listen to the book being read while you turn the pages before having a go at reading the French version for yourself; follow the song actions and, as you are dancing, you will start to pick up the sounds of the words, then progress to the sing-a-long version and you will soon find yourself going it alone with the karaoke! You will create the project during the course of four videos, so you can work on it a bit each week. You are told what to do in English… and then follow the French instructions so, like a child learning their first language, you are encouraged to follow the example whilst absorbing the French.  Other weeks, you may choose to do a worksheet or play a game together.  Have a go, before working through them online. 

Les Puces French Online Learning

 Your child will:

  • Learn in a natural way
  • Be involved in the lessons as you learn together
  • Gain a head start or find languages easier at school
  • Lose the resistance and fear that past generations have had for languages
  • Understand about other cultures in an intuitive way through developing language knowledge

What do I get?

Sign up for the first module for just £35 (that includes the book and project posted to you as well as access to the online learning folder) and then every 2 months you receive a new story and begin a new topic. The first story follows Charlie le lapin and his friend Snail.  When Charlie offers to prepare a pizza for them both, Snail is surprised to turn up and discover Charlie in the garden rather than the kitchen. He’s planting tomatoes for the sauce! The story takes us on a culinary journey to discover where the ingredients come from to make this supposedly simple fast food.  Snail is almost giving up but (spoiler alert) they do get to eat the pizza in the end in a beautiful star lit garden scene.

Les Puces French Online Learning z

Mandie Davis is the founder of the Les Puces language learning method (and she just happens to live in Tunbridge Wells!). Mother of two girls, one bilingual, one trilingual, Mandie launched the company in 2015 aiming to bring something new and fresh to the children’s language learning market. 

A team of talented illustrators, musicians and creatives launch a new song, story, project, worksheets and vocabulary sheets each half term. It’s all created in-house so that everything is linked to the same theme each module. Everything about Les Puces is innovative! 

To get started, sign up HERE to the six week online learning package!

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