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Levitating Décor is the Latest Home Design Trend… And It’s Adorable!

I love keeping up with home design trends. And now that spring has sprung, this is the perfect excuse to give my home a makeover for the warmer weather.

This is a collaborative post.


As I was browsing the trends of the rich and famous, I was surprised to see that levitating decorations are a hit in 2021. Real levitation, too. No tricks!

Just for fun, I decided to shop around, and I found that there are a number of little levitating decorations that are affordable and adorable.

I picked out a few from the design brand Floately, a specialist in levitation. They’re having a sale right now with a number of levitating accessories up to 70% off. So, I went a little crazy….

Here are a couple of the most fun levitating decorations I found.

Airsai, the Floating Plant Pot


Airsai is a levitating plant pot that can be used to cultivate any small plant—from flowers to ferns. It’s so simple that anyone can enjoy it, so it’s an ideal levitating gadget for those who aren’t into techy things. It makes a great gift too!

Airsai is very versatile, as it comes in four different pot designs. You can choose a discreet little wooden pot, a chic modern pot and a few others.

Airsai looks great on a mantle or a windowsill, but I love sitting with mine at the kitchen table. It rotates as it levitates, and something about it just makes me feel relaxed.

Here are a few more reasons I’m glad I chose this floating plant pot:

  • It’s better for plants: Airsai is better for plants than normal pots. It rotates gently as it levitates, exposing the plant to an equal amount of light on all sides. This helps plants to grow bigger and bloom brighter.
  • It’s great for kids: Want to get your kids off their phones and introduce them to a healthy habit? A levitating plant pot is a great catalyst for any potential little gardeners in your home!
  • It’s waterproof: You can water Airsai right in the pot even as it levitates. The levitation field is strong, so it can hold the plant, water and soil without more than a little wobble.
  • It’s built to last: Unlike other plant pots that dry out and crack over time, Airsai can be used again and again for years.

Airsai is the perfect little zen plant pot to bring something new to your home this spring. Plants are natural mood-boosters, so introducing some natural levitating decorations into your home is the perfect “uplifting” décor idea!

Volta, the Levitating Lightbulb


Volta is the original levitating lightbulb. It was a bit of an internet sensation a while back, but its price tag was a bit restrictive. Now, it’s much cheaper and still just as stylish!

Volta is a chic vintage bulb that emits a warm glow while floating in mid-air. It’s a particularly captivating decoration because it features real levitation and wireless electricity. The bulb illuminates while suspended in the levitation field—no strings attached.

I have to say, it’s a bit like magic. And kids go crazy for it! Volta is not a toy, but it can be a wonderful learning experience for kids and parents. Your little ones are sure to be full of questions about gravity, levitation and electricity. Maybe you have a future scientist under your roof!

Here are a few more perks of Volta:

  • It’s beautiful: Volta’s Edison-style vintage bulb and mahogany base are retro and refined. They add relaxing cabin vibes to any traditional space, and levitation brings a modern touch to contemporary homes too.
  • It’s practical: Volta is a real light—not just a decoration. You can use it on a desk, bedside table, coffee nook and more. Multiple Voltas make excellent dining room lighting too.
  • It’s relaxing: Volta’s warm lighting is calibrated to precisely 2000k, a colour temperature that reduces stress and boosts focus. This makes Volta a perfect desk lamp or reading light.
  • It’s durable: Volta’s shock-proof and shatter-proof LED bulb is 5x stronger than other bulbs, and it’s built to illuminate for 20+ years. The electromagnetic levitation will last for life.

Volta is a safe and fun accessory for homes and offices. It makes a great nightlight for kids too!

Levitating Décor is the Uplifting Trend We Need Right Now


We may not be able to return to normal just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lift spirits at home. After all, it’s springtime. Do you really need an excuse to do a little decorating?

This year, choose some unexpected yet stylish décor that the whole family can enjoy. The levitating decorations by Floately are sure to put a smile on faces of all ages. And, you’ll be able to use them for years to come.

Volta and Airsai are both on sale during the Floatey spring sale, as are a number of other levitating accessories. You can see them all levitating now right here.

Learn more about how levitating décor works and order your decorations at floately.com.