Home Travel Tips What Makes Lightweight Travel Trailers an Excellent Choice for Campers?

What Makes Lightweight Travel Trailers an Excellent Choice for Campers?

Lightweight Travel Trailers

As a camper, you might have found it quite difficult at times to drag a heavy and big travel trailer to the target destination. To deal with this issue, most of the campers have bought heavy-duty trucks for years.

However, there are other options you can consider. Lightweight travel trailers are one of them. So, what makes them a great choice for campers?

Here are the key reasons:

Easy to Drag and Move

It’s quite tough to pull a massive travel trailer on the road, mainly when stopping for food and gas or backing into your camp location. Such trailers also need big trucks with robust engines for towing purposes. Due to this reason, many campers invest in lightweight models.

The lightweight travel trailers are smaller in size and easier to operate. They weigh approximately 1200 pounds and range from 12 to 14 feet in length. You can easily tow these travel trailers with an SUV or medium-duty truck and sole of the even with an engine of 4 cylinders.

As the travel trailers are shorter in length, you can easily stop for gas or back into your campsite. You can comfortably and quickly pull light trailers.


If trailers are lightweight, that doesn’t mean they contain fewer features. Most of such trailers in the marketplace consist of almost all the specifications of big travel trailers. Some of them also come with advanced and innovative features.

Almost all lightweight travel trailers come with essential features such as – bed, furnace, bathroom, and kitchen. Before investing in one, ask the suppliers what the extra features are.

Many standard models come with – television, refrigerator, solar-heated shower, and roof-mounted AC. You can also get models with an integrated pet kennel or bunk room.

Nowadays, you don’t get small travel expenses contracted so much that they are just something more than shelter on wheels. The currently available lightweight travel trailers come with as many features as the bigger versions. They are the perfect thing to buy if you are a solo camper or travel with family and friends.


Do you want to buy a travel trailer at an affordable price? Then, buy a lightweight travel trailer. Many such trailers are available in the $12 to $15k price range.

You can negotiate some of the trailers’ prices even less than $10k. So, you can get on the road quickly with a travel trailer without breaking your bank.

Ideal for Camping in Spots

The smaller the size of the travel trailer, the more the extra beneficial features. One of such benefits is camp in spots where large trailers can’t fit, mainly in recreational parks.

When you use a light trailer, it helps you find the best available spots beside the valley stream or the peak of the mountains. So, you wake up to wonderful views in the park and make the most of your adventure.

Bottom Line

If you are sick and exhausted of dragging large and heavy travel trailers to the destination, it’s high time to invest in lightweight travel trailers. As such, trailers come with a good deal of features and make things easier for you, they are worth the investment.