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Little World Builder Activity Kit | Review

Little World Builder

AD | This is a collaborative post with Little World Builder. As always, all thoughts are my own.

Find out what we thought about the Little World Builder activity kit…

We have teamed up with Little World Builder to review one of their activity kits for 6-11 year olds. Find out what we thought of it and how you can get involved too!

Little World Builder Big Ben Kit

What is the Little World Builder Activity Kit?

The Little World Builder Activity Kit is a construction toy for kids between 6-11 years old. It gives children the opportunity to build world famous architecture from their home, through hands on projects and fun activities. Iconic buildings include Big Ben, Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House and more!

My son got to build his very own 3D Big Ben building which you can read more about below…

Little World Builder Big Ben Kit

What did the kit contain?

The Big Ben Kit came in a cardboard box and included postcards, fact cards, activity cards, scrapbook pages, scrapbook stickers, Big Ben 3D puzzle with easy-to follow instructions, a mini inflatable balloon, award certificates and collectible Big Ben admission tickets!

What activities did it include?

The main activity is the build your own 3D puzzle of Big Ben (28cm tall) with child friendly instructions.

However before we started doing that, we read the postcards with facts from Hailey & Caesar (our travel buddies) and created a scrapbook using the stickers that came with it. This was a great way of engaging my son and encouraging him to read outside of the classroom…

We enjoyed looking at the world map together too and discovering facts on the building fact cards and builder activities cards.

After my son built the Big Ben Puzzle, he coloured in the small balloon before we inflated it. As you can see from the pics, he was pretty delighted with the final result!

Little World Builder

What did we think of the Little World Builder activity kit?

This was such a refreshing ‘toy’ for several reasons. Firstly because it is educational and focuses on a topic that we are both interested in and secondly because it was uncomplicated and engaging for my six year old.

He didn’t need a great deal of input from me, but we enjoyed sitting down and doing it next to me. So much of his spare time is spent playing sports or dare I say it, having screen time! So escaping from technology and having a nice calm afternoon was just what we needed….

Little World Builder

Tell me more…

Little World Builder Kits can be purchased via a monthly subscription or one-off purchases can be made too.

Little World Builder has kindly offered a 40% discount off your first month on a ‘Monthly Plan’ by using the code WELL40 at checkout!

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