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Six tips for making lockdown relationships work

tips for making lockdown relationships work

Whether you are in a longterm relationship or whether you have only recently got together, lockdown will almost certainly have had some effect on your relationship. Being together 24/7 some days and having limited options for time spent out of the house can take its toll, but maybe it can make you stronger too?

We have hopefully come out the other side of lockdown now but should it rear its ugly head again, here are six tips for making lockdown relationships work:

♥ Communication is key – Keep talking and remember that your partner isn’t a mind reader. You may be spending all day together but are you actually having quality conversations? Take some time away from technology and have a chat. And maybe a glass of wine too?

♥ Have some time apart – We all need time alone. Whether you go and exercise in another room, take a breather in the garden or are lucky enough to be able to go for a run or walk, try to get some time on your own each day. You’ll feel so much better for it, I promise and in turn, you’ll most likely be a more relaxed and happy spouse.

♥ Create a date night at home – We didn’t do this enough but I wish we had! Order a takeaway or cook something new, light the candles, get the wine out, put the technology away and just chill! Some people like putting in the effort and getting dressed up but it’s fine if you just want to be cosy too…

tips for making lockdown relationships work

Reminisce – It sometimes helps to remember when you met and how you felt back then. Whether you met at work, on a night out, through a free dating app or an introduction through friends, you are bound to have your own unique story and journey together. Remember what attracted you in the first place and revive that feeling again. 

♥ Plan for the future – There should always be light at the end of the tunnel. Make plans for when lockdown is over. Are you going to go on holiday next year? Do you want to explore some areas near where you live? Or do you want to see some friends and family who live quite far away? Lockdown helped me to focus on the present but it can help with morale when you plan something together for the future too.

♥ Laugh a lot – Lockdown can be tense and honestly, sometimes I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If you are in doubt, just laugh! It is the best medicine and almost impossible for your partner not to laugh too…

♥ Don’t sweat the small stuff – They may have irritating habits and they may not do things the way you would do them, but is it really worth having an argument over? Nine times out of ten, it’s not. Try to ignore things more than usual in lockdown and choose the right moment if there is something you want to bring up.

If you are yet to have found that person to spend lockdown with then Match Me Happy has you covered. It is tailor-made for singles in the UK and a good first step to meeting someone you can isolate with next time. If there is a next time!