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Five tips for long car journeys with your kids

Five tips for long car journeys with your kids

Let’s face it, travelling with kids can be stressful at times, but usually completely worth it once you get there! I have three kids of varying ages (1, 5 and 8) so ensuring we prepare for our trip is really important. 

Here are five of the tips I have picked up along the way to ensure we have a fantastic family road trip with the kids:

1) Bring loads of snacks

I always make sure I have a big selection of snacks when we go on any journeys that are over half an hour. Things like bread sticks, chopped up grapes and cubes of cheese are handy as they don’t make much mess. Only give these to an older child (not a baby) for safety reasons and ensure you have packed their drinks too. As being a passenger can be thirsty work!

2) Make sure they are comfy

child safety seat is obviously the most important thing to consider on car journeys with kids. As well as being safe, you’ll need to ensure that it is generally comfy too as you’ll need your child to ‘want’ to sit in it. Have a look at some of the good seats for your child you find here www.Buycarparts.co.uk. You don’t want a battle on your hands every time you strap them in. Have a few blankets to hand too as this can really add to their cosiness, especially if you are driving at night.

3) Engaging games

Try to have some engaging games up your sleeve for when they get really bored. Good old ‘I Spy’ is a firm favourite of ours but there are loads to choose from depending on the age of your kids. There’s also ‘Count the Animals’ and another one we play quite often is ’20 Questions’. Try to have an idea in your head of what you’ll play beforehand so you don’t have to think about it too much when you are in the car. ‘Kids are a Trip’ have some super ideas for road trip activities for kids and Thimble & Twig has published a round-up of the best travel games for long trips. 

Five tips for long car journeys with your kids

4) Audiobooks

For the times when you just want to sit back and avoid getting involved, Audiobooks have been invaluable to us! We have nearly all of the Harry Potter books on audio as well as the Julia Donaldson and Roald Dahl collections too. They weren’t cheap initially, but they have been completely worth it as the children have had hours of entertainment from them.

5) Pack wisely

Make sure everything you need is accessible. Packing sensibly beforehand is often the key to having a successful journey. ‘Our Life Our Travels’ has a fantastic road trip packing list which I am going to refer to ahead of our next adventure.

6) Don’t talk!

If any of your children have been quiet for a few minutes, try not to talk to them or engage with them. They may be in that sweet spot between being awake and asleep and if you would like them to sleep, it’s best to just keep quiet and let them do their thing. I have learned this the hard way!

I hope these tips are helpful. Before you go on your trip, it’s best to make sure that all of your documents and policies are in date too. One Sure Insurance is a good place to start. Keeping everything in a safe place so you can access it when needed it always a good idea too. If you have any advice to add, please do comment below.