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What to Look Out for in London

Look out for in London

From Tunbridge Wells, London is only an hour’s train ride away and, therefore, is a popular destination for anyone from around here for a day trip and/or weekend getaway. While we are currently living in strange times due to the pandemic, and you probably aren’t as likely to want to travel by train right now, there is still a lot going on in the capital if you do fancy a little slice of normality.

Getting out, even in these times, is important and family days out should not be forgotten. When we look back in years to come, when the craziness has finally calmed down, we do not want to feel as though we have missed out on creating priceless memories. There are some amazing London landmarks that I have already visited and many which I have on my ‘bucket list’ to see over the coming months and year.

London is and always has been a great city for a day out and as the country slowly, but surely, looks to get back on its feet there are plenty of businesses that will be more than happy to welcome your custom.

Small Cafés and Restaurants

The streets of London are filled with the biggest names in the world but, in amongst the household brands, you will also find small and intimate independent settings run by people who devote their life to their business. Yes, you can enjoy a socially distanced meal under the golden arches, at a famous chicken diner or any of the restaurant chains owned by a celebrity chef, but imagine how much more your custom will be appreciated by a family-run business?

More often than not, the food and service you receive at these places are above and beyond what you will find elsewhere, while prices are usually more reasonable, too. Whether for a quick snack, a hot lunch or incredible evening meal, experience the true taste of the capital while helping someone put food on the table for their family during these unprecedented times.

Look out for in London

London’s History

These times will certainly have their chapter in the history books, but until then you can find signs of the capital’s past all around – some from better times, other from darker times. Some of the most famous landmarks, such as the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace all have their own stories to tell, which should be of interest to families with little ones keen to learn about the history of London (and the country).

As well as history to be proud of, there is plenty that while it should never be forgotten, does not exactly shine the city in the best light. Figures such as Jack the Ripper, monarchs such as Henry VIII and Richard III, as well as other controversial personalities, all feature prominently – you just need to know where to look.

Safe Tourism

It would be irresponsible for us to put together a travel piece without at least something to remind you of the need to stay safe during the pandemic. While travel and tourism, at least domestically, is still deemed to be safe – there are precautions that you have to take.

Firstly, remember your masks as you will need these to travel on public transport such as trains, buses and on the London Underground system, as well as when entering public spaces such as shops, galleries, and museums. Secondly, it is recommended that each person has a bottle of hand sanitiser. Lastly, always try to maintain a safe social distance from anyone not within your household or social bubble.

Hotels and other accommodation remain open at the time of writing, so if you are planning to stay overnight and have anything that you need assurance over, you should get in contact with your service provider before travelling. The situation is changing constantly, so make sure to check for updates on any potential restrictions.