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5 Ways To Make Money With A Van

Make Money With A Van

If you are a van owner then you have a valuable asset that could be generating you profit, if used correctly. There are many businesses you could start up with a van. Here are five suggestions of money-spinning ideas that you could start right away. 


The demand for store to door delivery drivers has grown exponentially in recent years. Major online retailers such as amazon are reliant on van drivers to deliver their products and are willing to pay for the service. Many food outlets are also offering meals for delivery which, similarly, requires transport. Deliveries can be contracted meaning you work set hours for a company or on a freelance basis when you choose the hours you will work. Enquire with local companies to see if they would be willing to pay for your service. However, before you begin taking on contracts, make sure you have adequate insurance cover to use your vehicle for work. Contact a reliable and trusted insurance company to find out more and check if you need to amend your insurance before delivering products. 

Moving House and Furniture

Many people buy their furniture second hand and need items to be collected and delivered from one house to another. This can be a lucrative business if you don’t mind a bit of heavy lifting. If you have a large van, you may even be able to do small house moves. However, if you do take this work on, you will need to be diligent so you don’t end up damaging any items in transit. Use bungee cords to secure items and blankets or old material to protect from scrapes and scratches. You want the invoices going from you to the customer, not the other way round. 

Disposal Services

Businesses generate waste and that waste needs to be disposed of. If you can get a reasonable deal with a local refuse site or recycling plant, then you can offer to transport business waste to the site. Many businesses may be happy to have a regular contact that shows up and deals with their waste without hassle. 


If you are happy to get lots of attention in your vehicle, then you may consider turning it into a mobile billboard. A local company may be delighted to have their products or services advertised around town, with an eye-catching billboard. This is a business where you want to assess interest first. You don’t want to spend lots of money converting your van into a mobile billboard to discover no one is willing to pay for the service in your area. 

Seasonal Work

At Christmastime, many people want to have that extra special fir tree in their home. However, many people cannot accommodate large trees in their own cars. A Christmas tree delivery service may prove popular, especially in areas with elderly inhabitants or large houses that need big trees to fill them. If you find the service takes off, consider purchasing some land to begin harvesting your own trees too.

Finally, remember that any job you take on with your van will only succeed if you are willing to put the hours in. But with a little bit of elbow grease, you can begin to turn a profit.