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8 ways to instantly makeover a room

makeover a room

If you don’t feel comfortable in your home and it doesn’t exactly reflect your personality, you don’t have to change things drastically. With just a couple of clever moves, you can turn your boring living room or bedroom into your personal oasis. So put the sledgehammer down and let’s see how you can instantly improve your place

Make your bathroom shine

You do not have to rip out your bathtub or change the sink to give your old bathroom a new shine.  Just by getting new, modern knobs, fancy light fixtures, or colourful shower curtains you can make a huge difference. 

Buy new window treatments

Just by investing in new curtains or blinds, you can breathe new life into your room. Maybe you don’t have the budget for tailor-made curtains, because there are so many readymade options that you can cleverly position so that your place immediately looks bigger and brighter. While your curtains or blinds shouldn’t be the focal point of the room, that doesn’t mean they have to be completely bland. A decorative trim or fabric panel can work wonders. 

Make your entrance way more welcoming

Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect this part of the house, when ironically it is the first thing someone sees when they come over. To make it feel more polished, buy a new doormat, place a potted plant near the door, or get new house numbers that look interesting. 

Plants can make a huge difference

Unless you want some rare plant that only grows in Africa and is four feet tall, freshening up your home with greenery is very cheap. It will give your home that cozy, Boho vibe and you don’t have to do a lot of work. Splurge on fancy planters in different colors, shapes, and sizes, add flowers, plants and branches, and you are done.

Fill out that blank wall

If you have a huge, empty wall in your living room, create a gallery wall and you will instantly give it your own personal touch. You can hang photos of your family and friends, imaginative prints or maybe pictures you bought when you were on a vacation in a foreign country. You can even find a place for interesting and versatile art pieces, such as hand-carved skull lamps. If this unique ornament seems like something you would love, you can learn more about it here. 

makeover a room

Get new lamps

A well-placed lamp can turn your cold and boring room into a cozy nook, so don’t hesitate to invest in interesting light fixtures. The key to clever lamp placement is to layer them at different levels. Therefore, you can put one floor lamp in the corner of the room, one on your console table, and one on the other side of the room. Turn them on and see your place in a new light, literally. 

Get new cushions

It is no secret that cushions can make your living room feel cozier and more inviting. If you are sick and tired of looking at your old ones that have been there for years, why not get new ones where you will play with prints, sizes, and colors. This is the most affordable way to update your living room and you can do it in a day.

Hang new wallpaper

If you wish to give your room a new look without much hassle, just get some interesting wallpaper. Cover the main wall and the whole place will look completely different. You will only need a couple of rolls and a few hours for this project, so it is a cheap and quick way to give your room a makeover. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on renovations when with these clever tips you can give your room a makeover it needs in just a couple of hours or even less.