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Marlborough House celebrates excellence with Year 7 Scholarships

Marlborough House celebrates excellence with Year 7 Scholarships

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We spoke to Eddy Newton, who joined Marlborough House as Headmaster in September, about celebrating excellence with the school’s Year 7 Entry Scholarship Programme.

Marlborough House School_Nr NewtonPreviously Head of Felsted School and Chafyn Grove School, Chairman of IAPS and Chief Executive of The Cothill Trust, Mr Newton brings experience to the role and is excited about the opportunities this scholarship provides.

Eddy Newton said “we believe that excellence should be recognised and so we are awarding Year 7 entry scholarships to children who show outstanding ability in various areas. 

Scholarships are a public recognition of the contribution that talented pupils make to school life and will be awarded on the basis of merit. Candidates will be judged on their current level of ability as well as their potential.”

Scholarships are available in the following six categories: Academic, Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Music and Sport. There is also an All-rounder category where pupils can demonstrate aptitude in either two or three of the above categories.

Marlborough House celebrates excellence with Year 7 Scholarships

This scholarship also highlights the advantages to all pupils of the all-important last two years of Prep School life. Eddy Newton said “at MHS we value the opportunity that Years 7 and 8 offer children: the chance to grow and develop into well-rounded individuals, after following our varied Pre-Senior Baccalaureate programme; and the chance to lead and shine.”

When asked what makes Marlborough House so special, Eddy Newton said “the attention to the individual is outstanding. I know that lots of school claim that this is so, but here it really is. The warmth of the relationship between the staff and the pupils is lovely.”

Talking of the school’s approach, which incorporates Character Education, Eddy Newton said “we want our children to work hard and make the most of all the opportunities on offer so that they grow into confident and interesting individuals. We hope they become self-assured but humble, aware of each other’s needs and their own good fortune – in short, decent citizens who are good company!”

The school’s approach is clearly a recipe for success as Marlborough House, which was rated ‘Excellent’ for Academic and Pastoral Care in its latest ISI Inspection, had strong results this year with a 100% Common Entrance pass rate and a 100% Cranbrook Entrance Exam pass rate. The school was also a Finalist in the Independent School of the Year 2020 Awards.

Marlborough House School_Nr Newton

If you are interested in finding out more about their Year 7 Entry Scholarships, visit the school’s website here (deadline for applications is Friday 6th November 2020).

For more information about Marlborough House School, the first port of call is the Registrar, Emma Houchin: registrar@marlboroughhouseschool.co.uk. The school is running private tours as usual.