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Top 5 Missha Products You Should Try

Missha Products You Should Try

Beauty products have played and are still playing a big part in both men and women’s lives.

May it be makeup products or skincare products, it created a big impact on our daily lives.

Although it may be hard for some of us to find the right products, we still look for it until we find the right one.

Koreans are globally known when it comes to producing innovative and quality beauty products in the market.

In fact, most of the hottest brands we see in the market originated from Korea.

Cosmetic products were considered a luxury back then, but with the ever-changing lifestyle and generation differences, it has become one of the important aspects in our lives.

One of these hottest brands is Missha. They are known for their excellent-quality yet affordable cosmetic products.

It is true that people from around the world go crazy about Korean makeup and skincare products. Why is that?

Main reason is that they are so advanced and innovative.

They are focused on producing products that will exceed expectations from its consumers while using more of the natural ingredients that are not harmful to our skin.

Having a culture known for flawless skin, they are one to look up to when it comes to beauty.

Let’s talk about some of the products that deserve a spot on your collection.

UV Pore Blur Starter SPF50+ PA++++

Primers are responsible for making your skin’s texture smoother and hide your fine lines and pores.

This primer is not only going to make your skin smoother and hide your pores but it also has sebum controlling properties and an added protection from the UV rays.

It will definitely help your look last all day without oxidation or excessive oil!

Missha Products You Should Try

Glow Ampoule Concealer

Concealers are not necessary for every makeup routine but it is very useful for people with dark spots and dark circles under their eyes.

It can also be helpful when you are trying to hide pimples when attending a special occasion.

You do not want your pictures ruined by a huge pimple, right?

It is infused with 10 types of probiotic-rich ingredients and SPF20 PA++ that will give our skin the nourishment and protection it needs.

Glow Tension

This cushion compact is infused with essential ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen to provide your skin nutrients while making you look beautiful.

It offers you 3 helpful benefits for your skin as it is anti-wrinkling, whitening, and has SPF50+ PA+++ for sun protection.

It is available in 6 colors that will help you achieve a natural and glowing look!

Cotton Blusher

Blushers are your weapon when you want an extra kick on your look.

As what its name says, blushers are there to provide you a soft color on your cheeks, like you are “blushing”.

This blusher contains a sebum-controlling property that will help your blush stay for an extended period of time.

It is available in 10 colors ranging from soft to bold colors that will surely enhance your natural look.

Cotton Contour

Contouring can be challenging for beginners but learning how to do a perfect contour is rewarding.

For those who are not familiar with contours, it enhances our facial structure. Not all of us are born with great facial structure that’s why contours are invented.

This contour offers a powder type that will help you achieve a subtle and natural looking contour.

It also contains a sebum-controlling property for a long-lasting effect.

Triple Shadow

Eye makeups are one of the important yet overlooked aspects in a makeup routine.

People will always look at your eyes first before anything else. In this case, this can help you expose or conceal your facial imperfections.

Learning how to apply proper eye makeup can be challenging but with the use of this foolproof product, even newbies will have fun playing with it.

This eye shadow comes in three complementary shades available in 16 colors.


You can never stop looking for the best product for you.

Even if you find products that are suitable for you, it does not end there.

Bouncing from one brand to another or a combination of products from different brands is exciting and fun, and being beautiful should be fun, right?

Trying out products from well-established brands like Missha wouldn’t hurt, you can even discover products that your favorite brand does not offer!

Let us know if you loved these products!


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