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Our Top Five Tips for Moving House

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Moving house can be a really exciting but daunting prospect. Often an element of doubt creeps in and you find yourself hoping you’re doing the right thing. There are a few things you can do to reduce the stress and uncertainty.

Moving house tip number one…

Make sure you keep sight of the original list of what you would like from the new house and garden, including your area of choice. Obviously some of your key points, when it comes to it, will not be a priority but some of them will be things you’ve been thinking of for a long time, possibly years and they need to be kept at the forefront of your house hunt criteria. You might, for example, be looking for a South facing garden. If you’ve had a garden without enough sun and you’ve spent your summers’ wishing for more this is probably something you should not compromise on. Equally if your wishlist is for a double garage you might be able to compromise with off road parking and a single garage.

Moving house tip number two…

Keeping sight of the budget is a sure-fire way to reduce anxiety. A fantastic tool is a Mortgage Calculator. MortgageCalculators.info have numerous calculators on their site to help you with every aspect of buying a house ranging from basic calculators such as a Monthly Payment Calculator and Minimum Income Requirement to their Advance Mortgage Calculator showing loan breakdown graphs, repayment charts and many more. They also have a Money Saving Calculator to help you decide whether to Rent vs Buy. It’s well worth taking a look to see what else they do as it takes no time at all and is jam packed full of help such as the Loan Payoff Goal calculator.

Moving house tip number three…

Think about future proofing your home. It may be that you plan on starting a family; are there good travel links to shops or a local shop you can visit for necessities, is there a play park, is the local school good. It might be that you’re downsizing so it’s worth thinking about the size of home you need and it’s location to essential services and whether the garden is managable. If you’re a bit older in age maybe keep in mind the access routes into the house and the impact a sloping drive might have to your ability to get out in the winter or multiple steps to the front door.

Moving house costs a lot and every now and then people find their circumstances dictate two moves in close succession because panic has set in and they have a buyer but lose sight of what they wanted in their new home.

Moving house tip number four…

Go with your gut. Sometimes you just get a feel of a house being “the one”. It’s good to know that there are numerous houses that have a nice feel about them, it’s not just the one house that will feel like that so try not to let your heart rule your head.

Moving house tip number five…

I would wholeheartedly advise that you start sorting out your belongings and making piles of things to go to the charity shop or to the tip. The earlier you start this process the more stream lined your move will be and you’ll not be moving items you no longer want.

If you have room in your budget then booking a removal firm will definitely be worth the money. In my experience they make the whole moving day run much smoother and they can even put beds and wardrobes back together for you!


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