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6 Things To Add To My Dream Home Wishlist

My Dream Home Wishlist

Ahh I love a Lotto daydream. They say that you should write things down and envisage them to manifest them happening. Perhaps just by writing this I’m increasing my chances. I am open to any ideas to find better alternatives to playing the EuroMillions Superdraw, postcode lottery etc… Or maybe I should come up with a brilliant new business idea?

I love to think of all the people I could help or the Charities I could donate to if I won a large sum of money. To be honest, I think I am only going to get my dream home by winning the Lotto. It doesn’t stop me day dreaming about it though. Here are 6 things I would put on my dream home wishlist.


For sure I would like to look out of my window and see countryside views. I would like a wrap around garden so that I can follow the sun. To be able to see the sunrise and set from my garden would be an absolute dream. I would have to include some kind of a covered terrace to view it from so that even in wet weather I can be outside.


I love to cook. My dream kitchen would have a Range cooker which I have at the moment but in a brighter colour (mine is cream). I would love an island with seating and storage for my cookery books, I have over 100! My biggest wish would be for a supersize table, one wide enough to put dishes in the middle and still have enough room for placemats and drinks. It would be so lovely to be able to have friends and family over and to be able to accommodate them all at the table.

My Dream Home Wishlist

Swimming pool

This is real dream territory. I think I’d opt for an indoor/outdoor pool so that it can be used and enjoyed in all weathers. I imagine I would swim lengths in a very graceful front crawl and then tick ‘exercise’ off my to do list.


I don’t have a driveway as I’m in a tiny terrace cottage but I dream of having my own driveway. That sounds a little dull doesn’t it but the benefit of being able to pull into your own driveway, get the children out of the car away from the road and unload your shopping close to the house is not to be underestimated! Obviously if we are talking dream home driveway then it would be gated, long and winding and tree lined!


My children share a room but I dream of being able to give them their own space. I think I would get double beds for them so that I could snuggle them while I read to them or if they have a bad dream. I would also like enough en-suite bedrooms that we could have friends and family to stay.


I would have to add these in for my husband. I know his dream would be to have a double garage and other buildings within the grounds. I’m not sure what he’d use them for but I’m sure he would think of something!