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How to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home

New Years Eve

Through 2020, many plans and celebrations have been put on hold or cancelled due to lockdown restrictions. As COVID-19 still looms, it’s unlikely that New Year’s Eve parties and firework displays will be able to go ahead either. Although we can’t celebrate this holiday in the way we wanted, we can still see out this strange year in style. Here are five ways you can mark the occasion from the comfort of your home.

1) Get dressed up

As many homeworkers may have realised this year, your appearance can have a huge impact on the way you feel. If you normally spend New Year’s Eve dressed to the nines, why not put the same effort in for being at home? You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference wearing a nice outfit can have on your mood.

Whoever you’re spending it with, whether it’s on Zoom or with members of your household, you could encourage them to do the same too.

2) Virtual countdown

However you spend New Year’s Eve, the countdown to midnight is always the best bit, so acknowledge it in the same way. Although we can’t have friends and family in the same place, you could organise a video call to wish everybody a happy new year at midnight. You could even commemorate it with a glass of bubbly and popping confetti.

3) At-home firework display

 Celebrating the new year with a beautiful view of fireworks will be missed by many, with mass gatherings currently off-limits, but you can recreate the magic with a display in your garden.

Fireworks Kingdom has a variety of fireworks for sale, including display kits, rockets, and sparklers to suit at-home displays. You can also purchase silent fireworks that are more suitable for pets and young children.

However, ensure you follow and put in place the necessary safety precautions, which includes not lighting fireworks after using hand sanitiser.

4) Choose a festive activity

Plan how you want to spend the evening ahead of time, so you don’t get stuck for ideas on the night. Your plans may depend on who you’re spending New Year’s with, and if you’re together virtually or in real life. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Play drinking games
  • Watch a cosy film
  • Make cocktails
  • Host a virtual pub quiz

5) Treat yourself to delicious food 

Eating your favourite food is a sure-fire way to lift your spirits, whether you’re making an impressive dinner, ordering a takeaway, or eating tasty snacks. You could also recreate a dinner date for you and your partner, or a buffet-style feast you would usually have at parties.

The festive season is undoubtedly going to be different this year, with many constraints in place, but there are still plenty of ways to ring in 2021 from home.