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How to automate tasks as a travelling nomad entrepreneur

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Being a traveling nomad entrepreneur is not a stress-free life as it may seem. Just like any other lifestyle, it has its own fair share of challenges. You give up the comfort of a nine to five job, struggle with developing a routine, and subject your body to the stress of work and travel.

Naturally, it is challenging to remain focused and stay on top of your game as a traveling nomad entrepreneur. However, with a strong will and the right technological tools, you can keep on schedule and run a successful enterprise while traveling.

In this post, we will discuss more about being a traveling nomad entrepreneur and how you can automate tasks to make your life easy.

How to become a travelling nomad entrepreneur

If you are excited about the opportunities that come with being a traveling nomad entrepreneur and you may want to join, here are a few tips you can use to increase your chances of being successful.

  • Avoid unnecessary expenses

Buying things you don’t want is never a good idea; however, it is particularly problematic if you are a traveling nomad entrepreneur. As a digital nomad, you should not travel with heavy loads.

Cancel your subscriptions, forget about gym membership and banish all the debts you can remove. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection.

  • Get the right tech.

To succeed in any of the available opportunities for digital nomads, you must have the right technology. Mostly, this starts with a laptop, reliable internet, and several cloud-based tools such as:

  1. Collaboration tools 
  2. Communication tools like video conferencing or live chat systems.
  3. File sharing apps and cloud storage system.
  4. Specific software for special operations like accountings.
  • Manage your income.

As a traveling nomad businessman, you need to have a stable safety net or financial backup. You never know when you might experience an emergency such as a broken laptop or a drop in your internet connection.

Before you start traveling the world, ensure that you have emergency savings that can take you for some months. As much as you will live a more frugal life as a digital nomad, you will still need some cash with you.

  • Get yourself protected.

Traveling can give you some of the most fantastic experiences, but it does not seem easy as it is. You will still live in a world where sickness is everywhere, injuries occur, and emergencies happen.

Also, you will need immunization to access some parts of the world and several other health and safety measures. To be safe, make sure you have a travel health insurance cover.

Automating tasks as a traveling nomad entrepreneur.

Usually, it is not easy to trust that an employee you hired will do a good job. And it might not be because of a doubt about their skills or anything. It is just because you believe nobody can do the job better than you. Therefore, you work yourself extra hard to attain your goals.

As a constantly traveling person, automation of business processes can offer relief from most of the never ending business processes. 

You can set the software to do exactly what you want to be done and how you want it done. It is the other version of yourself doing things when you are traveling.

Automating your tasks as a traveling nomad entrepreneur is a great way to free some space and get a balance between your work and adventure. Here are some of the things you should automate as a traveling nomad entrepreneur.

  • Your email responder.

An entrepreneurs’ mailbox receives hundreds of emails per day. As a digital nomad entrepreneur who will juggle work and travel, you need to automate your email responders.

Let emails be directed where they need to go depending on the type of query it carries, like FAQs, product pages, customer care, etc. This will ensure you don’t miss important emails and don’t spend too much time replying.

  • Paying yourself.

Usually, most entrepreneurs forget their wellbeing and their own wealth at the expense of their team. You pay everyone on time, yet you fail to pay yourself.

Automate paying yourself according to your preferred frequency, whether weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Set a mindset of plenty and receive regular notifications when you are paid for any task you accomplish.

  • Mailing list building.

Your mailing list should constantly be growing without putting in too much work.  For instance, if you are downloading stuff to upload them somewhere, then you need to stop because you are doing a robot’s work.

Integrate tools such as Zapier to do the legwork for you. Make a list of where you want visitors to join your email list and make them more attractive. Offer a specific gift for subscriptions like a discount coupon, a download, or a freebie.

  • Follow-ups.

As an entrepreneur, you will rarely get an answer for any query the first time you ask for it. Everyone needs some sort of follow-up. Major business deals require persistence.

Automate your follow-ups with constant reminders and develop automated tasks where you can add their names to subsequent rounds every time you make a request.


As a traveling nomad entrepreneur, to run a great and successful business, you need to have processes that are running smoothly without you. Achieve more by automating tasks like emailing list building, follow-ups, email responding, and payments.

Remove yourself as a hindrance to your progress and make things work by default while enjoying your stay in whichever destination you are traveling to.