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Tips for being organised ahead of Christmas

Tips for being organised ahead of Christmas

Christmas can be a crazy time of year. It can be great fun and you can enjoy the lead up but lets face it, nothing beats the satisfaction of all your gifts being stashed away ready for the big day ahead of time. The only way to do this is to be really organised. Here are some top tips for being organised ahead of Christmas.

List it out

Whether you prefer to use a spreadsheet or a pen and paper a list is most definitely the place to start. List out everyone you will be buying a gift for and any ideas of gifts you have already thought of for each person.

Don’t forget…

Don’t forget to get gifts for teachers and TA’s and of course your Secret Santa gift. Secret Santa gifts can require a little more time and effort than regular gifts. You normally have a budget and there is pressure to find something thoughtful or amusing. I have always found I leave it until the last minute but organisation is key.


We all know Christmas is coming but how many of us actually save for it? Try putting a little away (in a savings account or even a tin in a secret place) over the course of the year to help with the cost of Christmas. A little soon adds up!

Tips for being organised ahead of Christmas


Food. It’s one of the highlights of the Christmas period for me. I have a list I created a few years ago that I refer back to and tweak to write a new one each year well ahead of time.


It’s so tempting to get carried away with the Christmas spirit and spend too much or overbuy in general. Refer to your list and add in a budget for each person you wish to buy for and add up the total. If it comes to more than your available balance then re-adjust the cost per person. It’s important that January’s money hasn’t been spent while we are still in December!

Advance attack

Buying bits and pieces when you see them is a great way to spread the cost. It can even be as simple as putting a couple of extra items in your trolley each week such as cranberry sauce or a bottle of fizz. Make sure you keep a note of what you buy so you don’t duplicate – and if it is food related make sure you check the best before date when buying in advance!


Don’t forget to add to your list things like cellotape, wrapping paper, gift tags, christmas cards, bottle bags and of course the cost of your Christmas Tree if you buy a real one each year.