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9 Most Enjoyable Outdoor Activities That You Can Do When Traveling

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Going traveling isn’t all about sightseeing, beaches, and backpacking! Some of the best memories made on a trip come from doing awesome outdoor activities. Let’s face it if you’re traveling the world you likely have a bit of a thrill-seeker inside you!

With that in mind, we’ve put this list together of nine of the most enjoyable outdoor activities that you can do while traveling. Some risky and crazy, others relaxing and even romantic. There’s something here for every kind of traveler.

Rock Climbing

First on our list is rock climbing. Dave, an expert in free-climbing equipment from Gneiss Climb says that “There is no greater thrill than climbing a rock face using nothing but your own physical strength!” Of course, you may wish to choose a man-made or maintained climbing facility instead of going all-out free-climbing style.

Either way, we agree with Dave, there is something thrilling about pulling yourself up a huge wall or rock face then looking down at what you’ve just achieved. We just don’t like leaning back to go back down again! There are climbing centers in all corners of the globe, providing climbing for athletes of all levels, from kids to professionals. Go get strapped in and test your strength!


A little less on the wild side, how about taking a trip on two wheels? Cycling, firstly, is a great way to get a little bit of exercise whilst on your travels. Secondly, it’s an amazing way to take in some local scenery. Whether it’s mountains and hills, coastal roads, or city streets, cycling combines sightseeing and cardio perfectly. Stop for coffee and snacks halfway and have a rest, before making your way home. Most towns and cities will have bike hire places, meaning you can saddle up whenever you like.

Horseback Riding

Speaking of getting in the saddle, why not swap the bike for a beautiful horse? Horseback riding is such a great way to enjoy some time with friends exploring a new country or area. You will find organized horse riding trips in most tourist areas, as well as some smaller places. Take a ride down the beach, through the forest, or pretty much anywhere you like. You’ll be able to hire a helmet and all the other necessities, too!

Zip Wire

Amping it up a little again with a zip wire! Zip wires or high wires are usually formed between two man-made objects or up in the trees in a densely wooded area. You will climb to the top of the tree or tower before getting strapped into a harness and helmet. At this point you’ll receive a friendly shove in the back as you launch off the edge of a platform, attached to a wire, to fly from one tree to the other. These wires are usually high off the ground and you get a combination of intense fear combined with an amazing view. Honestly, the rush is like almost nothing else!

Bungee Jump

Since we’re talking heights, fear, and views, let’s talk about bungee jumps! You all know what a bungee jump is. But, how can we convince you to do one? Believe it or not, bungee jumping is incredibly safe – as long as you’re jumping with a reputable company. It’s probably best to stick to a company that has been doing this a while, rather than with a random chap you meet with some bungee rope at the hotel bar! The feeling is like nothing else, and when you slowly level out after the initial fall, the view will be something you never forget!


Slowing it down a little now with a trip paddleboarding. Paddleboarding is like surfing but without the waves and with a paddle to propel you instead. You stand on top of a wide surfboard-type board and paddle yourself wherever you want to go! Hiring a paddleboard and exploring the coastline is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, especially if you find yourself a nice beach bar for a drink and some food along the way! Make sure you hit the sunscreen store before spending hours out on the water, though.

Rafting / Canoeing

If you fancy some water sports but find yourself more inland, why not try your hand at rafting or canoeing. Trips along the river don’t have to be white-knuckle, fear-inducing trips, they can be mellow and relaxing if you want them to be. Just make sure you know which you are signing up for before you start!

White-water rafting is an intense experience, as you find yourself pushed rapidly downstream through small waterfalls, between rocks, and round tight bends. Normal river rafting or canoeing is a nice mellow paddle downstream. The choice is yours.


The final bit of sea and river activity for you: fishing. Wherever you are in the world, there will be a fishing expert. Most hostels and hotels will be able to hook you up with a local fishing pro who will take you down the river or out to sea to catch some local fish. In some cases, you might even get to BBQ that fish for dinner right after catching it! You don’t get much fresher than that. If fishing isn’t for you, take a trip to see some fish, sharks, or dolphins instead.

Star Gazing

A final activity; and this one is for the lovers. When traveling the world, you often find yourself in awesome, remote locations. This means there is far less light pollution than there is in our cities. Also, the weather is often nice and clear in our dream travel locations. All of this adds up to create the perfect nighttime conditions for stargazing. Lay under the stars with some late-night snacks and fall in love all over again. You’ll see more stars than you’ve ever seen before.

As we said, there is something for everyone within these nine awesome outdoor activities. Hey, if you’re traveling the world for a few months, why not try all of them? You’ll certainly create some wonderful memories to never, ever forget.


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