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9 ideas for outdoor dates this Autumn

9 ideas for outdoor dates this Autumn

Whether you are having a ‘date day’ with your loved one or are meeting someone for the first time (or anything in between) there are actually some super options to choose from if you would prefer to spend time in the great outdoors.

Check out our 9 ideas for outdoor dates this Autumn:

Pick your own pumpkins

Lots of these places are popping up over the coming weeks. You can go and carefully choose a favourite pumpkin or you can go all out and get a big collection which you can use to adorn your home. There’s often somewhere to eat there too as well as other activities to enjoy. The choice is yours…

Bike ride

I do love a good bike ride and the exercise can really get the endorphins going. Try to go somewhere where there is a proper cycle path and cyclists / pedestrians only so you don’t need to manoeuvre around cars. Ideally you would cycle side by side so you can chat at the same time too!

Driving range

I’m never going to be a great golfer but I do enjoy going to the driving range now and again. It can actually be quite a laugh, especially when your first few shots are as bad as mine. But it’s a great way of bonding and if you hire a big bucket of balls, you can be there for a while too!


A walk is always a good option whatever the weather as you’ll keep warm when you are constantly moving. Savour those awesome autumnal colours and go for a walk somewhere you haven’t discovered before. You can get to chat properly without distraction and increase your steps without even trying!


Perfect for  socially distanced dates, most of the zoos near us are really spacious and take a good few hours to walk around. This is a cute idea for a date and those gorgeous animals will give you plenty to talk about too. If you are looking for a date to go to the zoo with, then check out this Derbyshire dating site or one of their sister sites for somewhere closer, depending where you are located.

Couple at a vineyard - outdoor dates this Autumn

Vineyard Tour

Here in the South East, there are several super vineyards to visit. Book ahead, do the tour and finish up with a lovely meal with gorgeous wine. Possibly my favourite date idea?


Concert organisers are doing everything they can to keep within the social distancing rules so well done to them! They are being as inventive as possible and it has meant that smaller concerts are currently going ahead. We will be listing lots of concerts and shows over the coming weeks and months which would be perfect for a date, so watch this space.

Drive through cinema

Lots of these have popped up during lockdown. I actually quite like the nostalgic films which take me back to my teens. Stay warm in the car, bring the best snacks and even some blankets to snuggle under too!

Mini Golf?

Leading on from the driving range idea, how about some Mini Golf? I actually love this for a date idea. We normally take the kids and let them play instead but it is just as much fun for adults too. And if it is a themed mini golf course, then that’s even better!

Wherever you end up going on your dates this Autumn, I hope you have fun! And if you are still looking for that special someone then this Derbyshire dating site could help. If you are living further afield, then one of their partner sites would be worth looking at too.