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Five Steps To Packing Success For A Trip With Hot & Cold Climates

Packing Success

Five Step Packing Guide For Trips With Different Climates

When it comes to packing for a holiday or any trip abroad many of us will instantly think shorts t shirts and flip-flops right? Well that isn’t always the most viable solution to your holiday wardrobe. To pack successfully there are a few steps to follow which will help you pack the most suitable and functional outfits for your travels, allowing you to enjoy yourself without and fashion faux pas.

Step 1: Check The Weather & Think Fabrics

We will start off easy with a simple one that will help you cover all bases and to be well prepared for your trip. Before you start planning your outfits check the weather forecast, this may sound simple but so many people think “holiday = sun”, but that isn’t always the case, especially in climates that are known for varying weather. Once you have an understanding of the weather that is in store you can now think of the type of fabrics that will be suitable, hot weather requires loose and airy whilst a colder climate would call for something a little warmer and likely waterproof!

Step 2: Packing For Hot Climates

If you are lucky enough to be jetting off to a hotter climate then your focus needs to be on keeping cool, this means light colours and thin airy fabrics. Lightweight cotton trousers and a vest top are a great way to keep cool on long hot days but be mindful of how much sun exposure your skin gets, after all too much sun isn’t always a good thing. A thin cardigan will keep you cool and prevent the dreaded sunburn helping to keep any longer-term sun damage to your skin at bay. When packing remember to include a good sun hat and some protective sunglasses, you don’t want any eye strain whilst enjoying some rest and relaxation!

Step 3: Packing For Colder Climates

Colder climates can present more of a challenge when it comes to packing, as you will need thicker clothes and more of them, meaning you can quickly pack a suitcase with only a few outfits. To successfully pack for a cold trip having universal and multipurpose outfits is a great idea, you can mix and match these outfits and save space in your suitcase. You will need a way to keep warm at all times so an under layer is always beneficial such as a hoodie or a sweater, if you want to add a touch of personalisation to your outfit a personalised hoodie is the perfect way and you can get yours from Banana Moon Clothing.

Packing Success

Step 4: How To Pack For A Mix Of Both

If you are travelling somewhere that has a mixture of climates, such as northern Europe where you can have blistering heat through the day and mellow nights, then you will need to pack outfits which are suitable for both. Luckily, the majority of these places don’t have extreme temperatures so you won’t be needing thermals or thick warm clothing which can take up a lot of space. You will need light and cool for the days and something a little warmer in the evening, such as a blazer and some trousers, or a jumper and jeans for a more relaxed casual look. Whatever you decide to pack check the forecast well in advance and if there is any chance of rain pack an umbrella and some waterproofs!

Step 5: Don’t Overpack

It’s easy enough to say don’t pack too much but in reality, this can be a tough task. If you are anything like me, you like to be overcautious, and this results in trying to pack a mountain of clothes and every accessory to hand. This will happen to even the most frugal of packers, so if this happens to you take a step back and reassess your trip, the weather and your activities.

Consider purchasing a packing cube too. Flashpacking Family has a blog post all about packing cubes and I’m determined to use them on our next holiday. As no matter how organised I try to be, items still get lots and mixed up within my suitcases.

Once you have your clothes ready, make sure you have left enough room for some essentials that you will need along the way, this includes:

  • Phone charger
  • First aid kit
  • Medication
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Facemask
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Comfortable trainers

Whilst I am on holiday or travelling, I always try to make as many memories as possible so that when I am older and surrounded by my family, we can look back on the trips I have made. I like to keep a visual log in my travel scrap book, this way I will never forget the great times I had!

Here are a few additional tips on how not to overpack!

  • Layout your outfits for each day – This will show you what you do and don’t need.
  • Don’t pack things just for the sake of it – It is always great to have your favourite clothes with you, but if they aren’t functional don’t pack them!
  • If you are unsure about an item, leave it at home!