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Penn Parcel Box review, never miss a delivery

This is a collaborative post with Penn Parcel Boxes. As always, all thoughts are my own.

Penn Parcel Box Review

I think it is fair to stay that life seems to be speeding up again as social distancing rules are lifted and the new school term has begun. One thing that has never slowed down is the constant stream of deliveries in our neighbourhood from delivery drivers and postal workers who have stringent targets to meet, while attempting to match up each parcel with its rightful owner.

Penn Parcel Boxes Review

It doesn’t always go according to plan though and packages can get misplaced, damaged or even stolen. In a recent survey, over 59% of people reported problems with deliveries in the last year. This is where the Penn Parcel Box comes in. We have been testing one out and I would love to share our thoughts on it with you…

Penn Parcel Boxes Review

What is the Penn Parcel Box?

The Penn Parcel Boxes provide a secure and convenient solution for people to receive multiple deliveries day or night. Whether you are out and about on school runs, days out and work or you can’t answer the door because you are knee deep in bath-time or perhaps on a zoom call, you won’t miss your delivery as your parcel can be popped into your own personal postal box next to your front door.

The boxes are crafted in Hastings, East Sussex by internationally renowned steel component manufacturers Penn Elcom. They come in two sizes and four colours – matte black, slate grey, polar white and ivy green. The parcel box pictured in this post is the smaller size and fitted plenty of parcels when we used it. The box is weatherproof and has a two year warranty.

Want did we think of the Penn Parcel Box?

I have been chasing parcels around Tunbridge Wells for years now and have probably wasted many hours trying to track things down or driving to the postal depot in Tonbridge to collect a delivery I missed – either because I wasn’t at home or simply hadn’t heard the doorbell ringing. So when I heard about the Penn Parcel Box I was immediately interested to find out more.

Penn Parcel Boxes Review

The parcel box itself is sleek, sturdy and weatherproof, meaning it will still look good after a few seasons of the erratic weather we seem to be getting these days.

The box can be secured to an area outside your house and looks smart and unobtrusive while serving its purpose. A sleek colour matched steel sign is included with the Penn Parcel Box, and can be secured to your home, or placed near the box, to advise delivery drivers where to leave your parcel. However, as parcel boxes become more popular, delivery drivers are becoming more familiar with them.

Penn Parcel Boxes Review

The weathertight delivery hatch is sturdy and opens and closes seamlessly. It feels like a really high quality and durable product that is perfect for a busy parent trying to avoid missing parcel deliveries and wasting time tracking them down. My two year old had great fun with this and given half the chance, would spend all day standing there posting parcels through it and then opening the box up (with my help and a key!) to see what has arrived.

Penn Parcel Boxes Review

As my children get older and we are coming in and out of the house more and more, I can see the Parcel Box being used all the time. If we think we have lots of deliveries arriving these days – what’s it going to be like when all five of us can shop online?!

Penn Parcel Boxes Review

Want to know more?

The boxes come in two sizes – 95 litre capacity and 248 litre capacity. Everything needed to fix the Penn Parcel Box securely to the ground or wall is provided on delivery too or the box can be weighted internally. There is also cushioning to protect items from breakage, so even the most delicate items can be posted through it.

To find out more about the Penn Parcel Boxes and to take advantage of the current discount across the range, click on the box below.

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