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Useful Tips for Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Perfect Cup of Coffee

Depending on the type of person you are, you might need a morning coffee or a coffee at some point in the day to survive work. Are you getting tired of having the same old coffee every day though? There are plenty of ways that you can add variety into your morning coffee and start your day off with some excitement. Some methods do not even take too much time and effort to do. Here are some useful tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Manual Grinders

If you have been drinking coffee for a while, you are probably aware that there is nothing better than fresh coffee. If your coffee is already ground up, it has lost a ton of its flavour. If you want to take your coffee game to the next level, you should look into manually grinding coffee to ensure that you get all of its flavours. How can you go about doing that? There are plenty of grinders on the market that are extremely easy to use and can grind up your coffee exactly the way that you want. Are you looking for a more fine grind? Simply adjust the setting and start turning. These grinders are also able to do more coarse grinds as well, allowing you to brew specific types of coffee. While you might not want to have to worry about grinding your coffee every day, having a grinder at hand is a great way to treat yourself every now and then before work. If you want to brew a much more flavourful pot of coffee, then try manually grinding up beans yourself.

Buy Fresh Beans

Your manual grinder can only do so much for your coffee. If you have had beans that have been laying around your home for months, they are once again going to be losing a lot of flavour. While they hold onto their flavour much better when they are in bean form, they will slowly lose it over an extended period of time. Therefore, ensure that you are constantly going to the store and stocking up on fresh beans. Don’t settle for the first beans you see either, look for higher quality beans and beans that fit your taste palette. Typically on packaging, the coffee will also have a roast by date. Using up all of those beans before that day is a great way to ensure that every cup you drink is perfect.

The Water and Its Temperature

When it comes to boiling and brewing the coffee, you should be making it at the perfect temperature. A lot of people simply stick water on the stove and leave it to heat up. The optimal temperature for a perfect cup of coffee is between 195 and 205 fahrenheit. Any hotter and or colder and you can lose some of the flavour. If you want to take things a little further with the water you are using, make sure that you use filtered water and not tap water. Impurities that are in tap water can once again introduce new flavours and aromas into your brew that you are not looking for. Look to eliminate as many variables as possible so the only thing in that cup is the coffee that you are looking forward to drinking.

Change Up the Brewing Methods

Finally, when it comes time to make your coffee in the morning, keep it fresh by changing up how you are going to be brewing your coffee. An aeropress for example will help to create a coffee that is fairly complex in its flavours with a good amount of body. They work great for creating one simple cup of coffee as you will not lose any flavour. Moving over to the french press, if you are looking for a full-bodied morning coffee then this is the brewing method that you should be using. The one downside to french press brewing is that it can sometimes leave very fine coffee grinds in the brew. This is definitely worth it however if you are looking for that flavour. Finally, auto-drip is the most common form of coffee brewing and it is the easiest one. Simply turn on the coffee machine and leave it to do its work. You won’t get as much flavour out as the other methods, but it is quick and can allow you to multitask. Switching between all of these is a great way to keep your coffee exciting and fresh.

These are all useful tips that you should look to employ if you want that perfect cup of coffee. Don’t start your morning off on the wrong foot with a ruined mug. How do you plan on brewing your coffee?