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What is a good fabric for pleated curtains?

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You just can’t get enough of your curtains, can you? The presence of curtains in your homes has made your rooms enhance more its look than just not having a single curtain hang. Since your room is an area where you find peace and comfort, you’d also want to make your interiors better; and your curtains have a huge part in making the look you like more possible.

Curtains can be thick or thin, dark or light or it can be anything. It can have different textures, designs, and different varieties as well. Still, having the right curtain with the right fabric and design should also come together. If your curtain does not look right, then your room would probably look like a mess. Some would prefer having straight fabrics draping around, yet some would prefer to make it pleated.

If you’re going for a curtain style that’s classic and can never go out of trend, then pleated curtains should be on top of your mind. Most people would prefer pleated curtains because it gives emphasis to how their fabrics would fall off, giving more structure to their curtains which can also affect the overall ambience of the room. When looking for pleated curtains, make sure to find those that are thick and heavy so your curtains would run down beautifully from top to bottom.


This is obviously the fabric that is most used for pleated curtains. The thick fabric of velvet fabrics are best for pleated curtains because it emphasizes the pleats more. The structures of the pleats actually determine the structure of the whole curtain. Velvet fabrics drape beautifully in pleated curtains because it adds fullness to your rooms. Velvet fabrics go well with all pleats; may it be pinch to pencil pinch, velvet curtain fabrics might fit it all.

pleated curtains


This type of fabric might not be that thick, but it’s also good for your pleated curtains. As you pleats define the structure of the fabric above, cotton satin gradually can widen the structure of pleats going down. Because it’s not so thick, it can go with the flow of wind and can make your room more breathable and light. Cotton satin fabric can also emphasize the colors through pleated curtains due to the structure of the pleats: darker as it flows inward and lighter when the fabric goes outward.

Cotton satin curtain fabrics would look good in Grommet pleats, or even Parisian Drapery pleat. Just use the right color and you’re good to go.


Chenille fabrics can also be a good fabric for pleated curtains. If made a pleated curtain, it can look gorgeous, high-end, and can make the overall look of the room more luxurious. It can add to a feeling of coolness inside the room, showing a great taste in fabric for homeowners. Chenille fabrics have an excellent drape which also makes the room look more tidy and comfortable. It’s best used for flat drapery pleats.

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