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The Importance of Having a Power Generator for Your RV

Power Generator for Your RV

If you have just bought an RV then you’re probably still not one hundred percent familiar with it. There are a plethora of intricacies you need to adjust to. One of the most important ones is to comprehend where the power comes from.

In most cases, it arrives from a generator. Why do these vehicles have them in the first place, you probably wonder? Namely, these generators give power to your RV and there are two major purposes.

First, it is employed to store energy within your motorhome’s house battery. And second, it can be utilized as a plug-in for 120v AC power outlets. Now, if you want to dig deeper and learn more about these generators, stay tuned to find out more!

Learning All About RV Generators

The Right Generator For Your RV

Most RVs have their own built-in generator and they will typically get the job done because these generators are set to the devices in the vehicle already. Still, if you choose to replace a generator because the one you have is utilizing too much energy then you need to figure out what type of generator is perfect for you and the RV you own right now. Furthermore, you’ll be looking at the type of generator that is going to determine what kind of fuel it employs as well as the size of the generator. Namely, size is extremely important because you need the right number of amps to match all your appliances, however, the type of generator is equally important.

Size Of Generators

When referring to the size of these generators, we are talking about how much energy they are going to provide. This info is something that must be figured out because if you have too much energy, it is going to destroy the circuits in your vehicle and leave you without any power.

Now, this information may sound scary, however, if you get yourself familiar with how generators work, you will avoid any potential hazards. Viz, if you read this guide things will become much clearer when it comes to these generators. So how can you determine its size?

You can do that by finding all appliances that your motorhome has that take 120 Volts. Once you add those up, then you should attach the starting surge of energy that your AC is utilizing. It’s worth mentioning that heating and cooling require the most energy, especially the one that’s inside your RV.

Moreover, AC requires a plethora of energy when it starts working, however, as time goes by, it levels out later during the process, therefore, figuring out the biggest energy usage from your AC and adding it with your other appliances is going to give you the right minimum to start searching for.

Generally speaking, it is going to be within the 3,000 up to 4,000 watts range. Now, if you cannot easily determine how much energy your machine employs, just look for a sticker on a device.

The Benefits Of RV Generators

You Can Run Various Appliances

If you currently live in your motorhome, then you probably have a propane-powered fridge and stove. Hence, you will need a generator if you want to utilize gadgets such as a big-screen TV or microwave. Now, if you acquire a portable generator, it is going to allow you to run a vacuum cleaner. More importantly, generators enable you to power heavy-duty gear such as power tools and air compressors that motorhome owners in some other instances might not be able to employ.

It Allows You To Stay Off The Grid

Certainly, one of the most important benefits when it comes to having an RV generator is the fact that you are able to stay off the grid as much as you want to, or for as long as you have fuel for it.

What’s even better is the fact that you can stay at any campsite, even at the ones that do not have electrical power without affecting the quality of your life. A lot of campers think that solar cells are also a great alternative.

Although they aren’t a bad solution, they definitely cannot be compared with a traditional power generator, especially because sand storms or cloudy weather can seriously affect them in a negative way and make them unusable.

Portable And Flexible

At times you can be provided with a renewable power source, whether it is local wind power or solar panels. One of the benefits of these generators is that you do not have to rely on any of these renewable sources.

You do not have to allocate power due to the fact that the solar panels are only receiving half as the light as anticipated. On the other hand, you can add the power from these panels by kicking in your generator.

Security It Brings

Another great benefit of owning a power generator that shouldn’t be overlooked is the security it brings to the people. You do not have to constantly think about the water pump or any other important infrastructure and whether they are currently working or not.

Namely, it enables you to power any heavy load without any huge risks of ruining your batteries or possibly overloading your electrical system. More importantly, these generators can always recharge your batteries, making sure that things like security and smoke alarms are constantly working.

You Can Park Practically Anywhere


People who obtain a generator do not have to continuously plan their trips around stops that let them connect to the grid. This just goes to show that these RV owners have a much wider selection when it comes to parking.

If you have a power generator, you can always spend the night in a lodge parking lot and still feel cozy enough. On the other hand, you can also spend some time in the dry camping spots in the RV parks that have run out of parking spots with electrical connections.

It is easy to conclude that having a power generator is a huge plus to any motorhome owner. If you’re not sure what type of generator to acquire simply define your preferences and needs too so that it doesn’t get in the way of having a great time on your journey. And do not forget to enjoy the great outdoors!