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The Perfect IntroDUCKtion to Swimming  

Swimming is one of the most amazing experiences you can share with your baby!

Babies have a real affinity with water. They spend nine months in the womb, and many expectant mothers choose a water birth as the most natural introduction to this world.

Water is recognised as a warm, supportive environment during labour and provides a natural transition for your baby from the womb to the “outside world”.

Babies can be taken swimming from birth, they do not need to have completed their injections and very young babies love the freedom, massage and gentle exercise that the water offers.

The benefits to both parent and baby of swimming together are immense:

♥  Plenty of eye contact
♥  Plenty of skin contact – it’s a wonderful way to bond with your baby
♥  Helping you and your baby feel relaxed and confident in the water
♥  Makes swimming a fun and socially stimulating activity (for both you and your baby!)
♥  Even parents who can’t swim can enjoy relaxing in the water with their baby

There are further benefits too, especially if you join a fun, progressive programme like Puddle Ducks.

Baby swimming is an entirely safe and gentle activity, but coming to classes often provides a parent with the necessary support to enable them to relax and enjoy the experience. Good baby swimming teachers are trained to understand the needs of both parent and baby, and are also qualified in lifesaving and resuscitation skills.

Puddle Ducks Tunbridge WellsSpecialist baby swimming classes follow a clear and progressive structure and will usually involve some underwater swimming for your baby. However, the emphasis should be on parents and their babies having fun, with no baby being forced to do anything against his or her wishes.

At Puddle Ducks, our highly trained and qualified teachers are experts at identifying children’s levels of ability and adapting activities to the individual, nurturing confidence and encouraging natural ability.

Our lessons are taught in specially selected pools with limited class sizes. Classes incorporate rhyme (our bespoke songs have been written by professional musicians) and movement based on extensive child development research.

Our programmes and teacher training are continuously developed in the latest techniques, ensuring our teaching standards remain the highest.

We want every child to love swimming, respect the water and swim beautifully. That’s why our standards are the highest and our approach is unique.

Ultimately, baby swimming should instil a love of water for the rest of your child’s life.

For further information on Puddle Ducks West Kent & East Sussex, visit their website here.