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Bonding with my baby at Puddle Ducks Tunbridge Wells!

On Saturday we had our second Puddle Ducks swimming session and enjoyed it just as much as the first!

Tunbridge WellsAfter arriving at the picturesque setting of the Bowles Activity Centre in Eridge, just outside Tunbridge Wells, Ben and I had a wander around the grounds before it was time to get ready.

Ben enjoyed splashing about in the water and when our instructor mentioned that we were going to try submerging Ben’s head in the water, I was intrigued to see how he would react………luckily he just looked a bit stunned and then went back to splashing about.

Our Puddle Ducks instructor was really good at explaining why we were doing certain movements and how the movements would progress as the children get older. It really made me think about the importance of being able to swim and how I should also organise for my three year old to get swimming lessons too.

I find the classes so rewarding and love the one-on-one time with my baby boy. Life can be so busy sometimes that it is just nice to concentrate on having fun with him! All in all, I think these classes are going swimmingly 😉

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  1. aaah I really want to do swimming lessons with Beau and Ettie. Might have to email puddle sucks once James starts his new job! Looks like you and Ben had a lovely time xx

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