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Five reasons to retire to sunny Spain

retire to sunny Spain

This is a collaborative post.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have adored visiting Spain. My first trip there was on a family holiday to Majorca and since then, I have been to several of the islands as well as plenty of places in mainland Spain. My husband and I have dreams of retiring there or perhaps having a property in Spain where we can spend half our time and a property in Tunbridge Wells too. Well a girl can dream?

You may also be wondering where is the best place to retire in Spain? Personally I would go for somewhere along the coast – possible Costa del Sol or maybe Cala Blanca or the Sunshine Coast? Not to mention the gorgeous islands like Mallorca and Menorca. I think the best thing to do is explore all of them and then make your choice!

So here they are, my five reasons to retire to sunny Spain…

Hello sunshine!

It has to be said, one of the top reasons I love visiting Spain is for its stunning weather. We have gone out to the Costa del Sol in peak season but also visited in October and May and have still had glorious sunshine. You can’t put a price on sunshine and I know in the UK, we say you can’t guarantee the weather but in Spain, you certainly can!

Value for money

Buying a house in Spain doesn’t have to be mega expensive. There are some absolute bargains to be had that can make a wonderful retirement property and an investment too. Yes of course there are incredibly pricey places too but if you find somewhere that is slightly less ‘touristy’ and even possibly a little more inland, you can find great value for money. It is a legacy that could be passed on to your children in the future too.

Proximity to England / Ireland

I love how easy it is to get to Spain. There are tons of flights there which are often really reasonably priced and it doesn’t take long to get there either. This means that not only will it be easy for you to come back and forth but it will also be simple for your family and friends to visit you too.

Plenty of Ex Pats

This might not be everybody’s cup of tea and I’m sure some people would prefer not to meet up with other ex pats, but personally, I love meeting up with other English and Irish people when I’m abroad. Living somewhere like Spain, I would love to have a little ex part community for company as well as integrating with the locals. I also want to take up learning Spanish again too so watch this space…

A safe family friendly place

Crime rates in Spain, especially in coastal areas are low and I just feel like it is a very family friendly place. The Spanish culture welcomes children with open arms and family is hugely important. The facilities for children are fantastic and the restaurants are always super family friendly. Another reason to retire to sunny Spain and invite the family to come over – and hopefully grandchildren too!

I hope you found this blog post useful? What do you think of retiring to Spain? It is something you might like to do too?