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Review – Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack

Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack

Find out what we thought about the Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack!

AD – We were given the Nerf Bunkr Battle Zone System as a gift, for the purpose of this honest review. As always, all thoughts are my own.

We reviewed the new Nerf Bunkr Battle Zone System – an innovative and unique NERF-branded inflatable obstacles pack, suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Anything Nerf related has been a hit in our house so far so were interested to try this out. Find out all about the NERF BUNKR Competition Pack in our review below…

Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack

What is the NERF BUNKR Competition Pack?

The NERF BUNKR Competition Pack offers great value with four cool urban themed obstacles including the Road Barrier, Tyre Stack, Wood Crate and Waste Barrel.

We used our manual foot pump to inflate each of the obstacles. I think it is probably possible to inflate them yourself but they are pretty big and it would have take a lot of puff!

The obstacles have large 3-way valves, are made from heavy duty materials and have a dip in the lid to hold extra foam darts.

The kit also comes a set of NERF BUNKR Game Cards! We were also given a Nerf Blaster to use alongside it, which was such a powerful tool!

Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack

What did we think of the Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack?

My boys had great fun with this and I can see us taking out the obstacles and setting them up for them again and again, especially when the weather heats up again and we are in the garden more.

They are pretty big when inflated and feel like they are very good quality so I think they should last a long time. Anything that encourages my boys to get outside in the garden and to run around as much as possible is a winner in my eyes, so it gets the thumbs up from us! It’s also quite a fun way for all of us to play it as a family (while my two year old is napping). Why should the kids have all the fun?!

A few things to note about the Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack

We set up the obstacles on quite a windy day. Although these obstacles are really durable and good quality, they did blow over a few times. It’s not an issue really but when choosing to use them, probably go for a less windy day!

Also try to have access to a foot pump or electric pump for inflating them.

Lastly, the obstacles are easy enough to deflate. I didn’t attempt to get them back into the box and have used a ‘bag for life’ to store the obstacles when they aren’t being used.

Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack

Tell me more about the Bunkr Competition Pack

There is a range of several different Nerf Bunkr produtcs including Take Cover single obstacles(£9.99srp) Battle Fort (£19.99srp), Battle Stackers (£19.99srp), Challenger Pack (£29.99srp) and Battle Switch (£29.99srp).

The Nerf Bunkr Competition Pack can be purchased on Amazon HERE and has an SRP of £39.99.