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Ricky Zoom Review: Ricky’s House Playset & Family Pack | AD

Ricky Zooms House Playset

I think it’s fair to say that most children seem to like things that move! Well that’s certainly the case with my three. Ricky Zoom has been a favourite in our house for a while. It’s a good programme for both my (almost) 2 year old and my (just turned) 6 year old to watch together. In case you haven’t seen it, you can tune in and watch Ricky Zoom on weekdays at 7.40am on Milkshake!

I hadn’t realised there were Ricky Zoom toys so was interested to find out what my younger two kids would think of them. We reviewed Ricky’s House Playset and Ricky Zoom Family Pack. Find out what we thought about them below…

Ricky Zooms House Playset

Ricky’s House Playset

Bring Wheelford home to your Ricky Zoom fan with this action-packed playset! Ricky’s home is at the heart of the show, and this playset features plenty of fun to spark creative play.

There are multiple ramps for the toy motorcycles to roll down, a tyre check station, and an elevator to get from floor to floor. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Ricky’s home is also the Wheelford Rescue Headquarters and up top is the rotating lookout platform.

One floor down, the fold-away Gear-up Rescue Station gives these toy bikes a handy place to store the included accessories and get ready for action. There’s even a telescope to let kids scan around to find out who’s in need of a rescue! With all this and lots more to discover, there’s no limit to the adventures Ricky and his Bike Buddies can have. The playset includes its own exclusive Ricky Zoom motor bike and his little sister Toot.

Ricky Zooms House Playset

Ricky Zoom Family Pack 

This zoomtastic set includes Ricky Zoom, sister Toot, Mom Helen and Dad Hank. The whole family of rescue bikes comes together in the pack and they’re ready to rev up imaginative play.

With their expertly designed tyres, they have no problem standing steady when stopped, and their front wheels feature articulated movements that let them steer left and right where you point them. Featuring designs you won’t find in other multi-packs.

What did we think about the Ricky Zoom Toys?

The kids loved opening the Ricky Zoom toys and got stuck into playing with them straightaway, before I has the chance to put the stickers which came with it on!

My two year old and six year old actually really enjoyed playing with the Ricky Zoom Playhouse together which is actually quite rare. Although they do have fun together, I don’t normally share toys much. There were plenty of vehicles in the family pack to use with the playhouse too and all in all, this is a fantastic toy for any Ricky Zoom fans as well as fans of vehicles in general.

I love the fact that the Rocky Zoom toys are fun for the whole family. My nine year old was getting stuck into playing them too! The Ricky Zoom values are lovely too – especially the resourcefulness and resilience of the buddies.  Always good for problem solving at any age!

Ricky Zooms House Playset

Something you might not know about Ricky Zoom…

As we head towards Christmas as well as spending time with our loved ones it is also a chance to think of people less fortunate than ourselves.

This is why Ricky Zoom is supporting leading children’s charity Barnardos this Christmas with its Barnardo’s Kidsmas Toddle with Ricky Zoom.

There is nothing more incredible than children helping to support other children who need their help. Visit Barnardos Kidsmas  for more details on this Zoomtastic fun event.

Where to get the Ricky Zoom Toys..

Ricky’s House Playset has an SRP of £39.99 are is available from The Entertainer here.

The Ricky Zoom family pack has an SEP of £22.99 and is also available from The Entertainer here.