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Check Out These Interesting Ways You Can Save Money On Gyms

Save Money On Gyms

If you want to join a gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle but don’t have a budget for the recurring membership fees, don’t worry. In this post, we will look into affordable and interesting ways to let you save money on gyms. In fact, many people nowadays prefer having a home gym or at least get the right gym equipment that helps them stay fit, toned, and physically capable. It’s important to do so because of the current pandemic situation which obligates people to stay at home and stay safe.

Without further ado, check out these intriguing ways you can save gym membership fees.

Pull-up Bar

One of the most basic pieces of gym equipment that you can use for a healthy lifestyle in your house is a pull-up bar. It’s a complete workout system for your body if you know the right techniques to use it. It’s great for building core muscles, most prominently, in the upper body. Even if you don’t have an actual pull-up bar at your home, you can use some other form of a rod or a ledge that allows you to grip comfortably while pulling yourself up.


Kettlebells are perfect for improving cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, endurance, and strength. Their unique and ergonomic design makes them the perfect companion for exercises requiring lifting weights. However, kettlebells can be expensive at times, and you will have to purchase a separate kettlebell if you plan on increasing or decreasing the weight. Instead, you can choose a kettlebell model that comes with adjustable weight plates. With such a model, you won’t need to buy multiple kettlebells, which makes it easier for you to use variable weights with the same equipment.

Weight Vest

For standard bodyweight workouts, a weight vest is one of the most ideal solutions. These vests are great for pullups, pushups, and squats, which will strengthen your core muscles, significantly. If you’ve been struggling to find ways on how to make a weight vest yourself, maybe go for a tailor-made one that you can find through reliable online stores. They are perfect for workout sessions where you don’t want to waste time on DIY projects.

Dumbbells/Hand Weights

Gym lovers planning to build their personal gym at home will have a dumbbell set ready at their disposal. These workout tools can help target various muscles by changing your positions without any trouble. However, if you want to save money on that, you can use a water bottle with a narrow waist as an alternative for a dumbbell. For varying the weight, you can fill the bottle with a variety of materials, like water, sand, bolts, nuts, and other items, providing you a different weight every time. That way, you won’t have to spend any amount on an actual set of dumbbells.

Bulgarian Training Bag

Even though the purpose of developing a Bulgarian bag was to train professional wrestlers, these bags have become quite popular among gym enthusiasts who want to train their back, arms, legs, and core muscles. It’s one of the most efficient gym tools designed to provide tons of workout moderations. However, you can create a Bulgarian training bag on your own without the need of spending a lot. Fill up an old piece of tire tube with sand and tie it tightly from both sides, creating a hotdog. Similarly use this DIY training bag to the original without a hassle.

Foam Roller

Surely, you need to recline your muscles if they’re too sore after a vigorous bodyweight workout. That’s where foam rollers come to play and offer a soothing experience. Instead of buying a foam roller, you can choose several other options that could be easily available at your home, such as tennis balls, empty kitchen foil tubes, water bottles, and more. It’s all about how capably you can utilize such tools to your advantage. The rest is all about learning the correct exercise forms and getting incredible results without spending much.

Exercising doesn’t necessarily require expensive equipment or gym memberships, although they do tend to improve the quality of your workout. However, it’s not always possible to spend huge sums on such resources. Choosing cheaper, often more efficient, alternatives can let you enjoy working out without breaking the bank. The options provided above are some of the most efficient ones that you can find online at reliable sources or your home waiting to be utilized for your home gym setup. Make sure you include a good diet with your workout sessions to improve your physique with faster results.


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