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10 top tips for selling your home

tips for seling your home

Are you thinking of selling your home? Now is a great time to do it, especially with the exemption in stamp duty. I have moved many times in my life so far and have picked up some tips along the way which I hope you’ll find useful!

  Get several quotes – Before your put your house on the market, you’ll need to choose an estate agent. There are several different options these days including selling it independently, using a quick house sale cash buying company, using an online agent where you’ll need to host the viewings yourself or using a traditional estate agent. I still prefer to use a traditional estate agent and always get at least a couple of valuations before deciding who to go with.

♥ Less is more – Nobody likes clutter! Putting your house on the market is the perfect time to declutter which I promise will make you feel ten times better. Having a clutter-free home will instantly evoke a feeling of more space and will also make it easier to hide away things before a viewing if you don’t want anyone to see them!

 Spring clean – Keeping all of the surfaces sparkly and clean is a must when trying to sell your home. Using a lovely smelling cleaning spray helps it to smell fresh too.

Highlight the assets – Do you have some lovely solid wood flooring in your home? Then make sure you show it off! Give it a good sweep before each viewing and a thorough clean with a microfibre cloth and wood spray as much as possible. The same goes for carpets – perhaps invest in getting them professionally cleaned beforehand and ensure it is hoovered regularly.

tips for selling your home

  Keep it plain – We all have different tastes when it comes to design. If you can keep it simple and plain, then this is usually the best option. This especially goes for the soft furnishings like cushions, duvet covers, rugs, blinds and curtains. There are some super king duvet covers at imperial rooms. And as for the colour of the walls, the simpler the better.

  Make is smell – People go to all sorts of lengths to make their homes smell nice before viewings. Baking bread and brewing fresh coffee to name a few. With three kids, this isn’t something I have time for but I would have several vases of flowers dotted around the house, leave the windows open beforehand (so long as it’s not too cold) and sometimes light a scented candle (but remember to blow it out before you go out).

  Mirror mirror on the wall – Mirrors can often create an illusion of space so having them in most rooms can really make a difference. Make sure you keep it well dusted and don’t go for anything too ornate.

  Set up the garden – Assuming it isn’t the middle of winter, set up the garden for how you would like people to use it. If you have sun-loungers, put them up. Have a coffee table or dining table? Set it up with cups and saucers and a vase of fresh flowers. Plus lay out some games, maybe a picnic blanket and make it feel like an extension of your home.

  Minimal photos – Try to keep family photos to a minimum. Viewers want to envisage the house as their own, and seeing you and your smiling family probably won’t help. Plus it helps with the feeling of minimalism, making the house look less cluttered too.