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Tips For Sending Out New Home Cards To Your Friends And Family

Sending Out New Home Cards

Moving out to a new home is exciting, more so because you can throw a housewarming party. And of course, expect gifts in return as well. But, for this to happen you’ll need to share moving cards to your friends and family. After all, if they don’t know you’re moving, you cannot expect them to wish you well.

So, if you’re moving out, designing a new home card to inform your friends and family is indispensable. And of course, it also helps rekindle your relationship with them.

Here are a few tips for sending out new home cards to your friends and family the best way.

Include Your Name And Address In New Home Card

This is by far the most basic and necessary tip for creating a new home card. Your recipients would need to know who is sending them cards. Additionally, adding an address would help them locate you whenever they need to. After all, if you expect them to send you housewarming gifts they will need an address. Make sure you mention your old and new addresses to help clarify what’s your new place.

Don’t Forget To Mention The Date Of Move

Another important piece of information that your recipients would expect in moving cards is the date of your move. If someone is to visit you before or after the date of the move, they’ll know exactly where to find you. All you need to make sure is you send out your moving cards at least a week or two before you move out. Early send-outs would ensure that they receive it well before you move out.

Share Some Extra Details In Moving Cards

Apart from your name, address, and date of moving, you can also personalize your moving cards with some extra details. It could be anything from a short note to a photo of yours in your new house. Or you can also share your new contact number, if necessary. There are plenty of ideas that you can adopt and fill your new home card with. Just make sure that you do not overdo it. Well, we all understand that overdoing is a buzzkill.

Sending Out New Home Cards

Explore Inviting Moving Cards Designs

Most importantly, when you’re creating your moving cards, you’ll need a good design. But, not just any good design. Your new home card should be inviting to your recipients. After all, the whole purpose of sending out these cards is to invite them for a visit or at least receive well wishes. There are plenty of resources online with all sorts of designs. From photographic to floral and many more such designs are only a click away. Choose the one that highlights your stature and personality.

Choosing and creating a new home card is one of the cherished memories that millennials love. And not to mention, it’s the most classic way of announcing that you’re moving to a new home. So, rather than waiting, start creating your moving cards and invite your guests to receive well wishes.