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Ten internet marketing and SEO tips for London bloggers and businesses

SEO tips for London bloggers

I fell in love with blogging over seven years ago and am still learning more things about it each day. It is a constant learning curve but has brought me so much joy and enabled me to have a career I am seriously passionate about. So much so that I now have three blogs.

Earning  a full-time income through blogging requires a lot more than just writing about things you are interested in – you need to gain a sound knowledge in marketing and SEO tips too. The same goes for owning your own business. Without the correct marketing and SEO knowledge or the support from someone who really knows their stuff, it can be a very tough slog.

So here are 10 of my internet marketing and SEO tips which I have picked up along the way…

Have a speedy site

For so long, I had all sorts of plugins I didn’t need, along with huge image files on my site and pop-ups which were unnecessary. They also completely slowed down my site and I’m embarrassed even to reveal how much the load time was. Do speed test on your site and try to eliminate anything that you don’t need.

Are you helping?

Is your content answering a question or helping the user? Make sure it is useful and serves a purpose and ensure the title matches up with everything you include in the post. The User Experience is so important these days and you’ll be rewarded for this.

Create evergreen content

I made the mistake during my first few years of blogging of always publishing timely content. It would get a decent amount of views for a few weeks or months but once the time period was over, the posts wouldn’t get any more traffic. It’s fine to publish some timely content but make sure you are also publishing evergreen content that you can pump out on social media and which drives traffic to your site again and again.


Get in contact with relevant sites in your area, fellow bloggers or other businesses you could potentially collaborate with. Try to organically build links with them and vice versa. Just don’t do direct swaps (linking directly to the same pages on each other’s sites). This will really help with climbing the ranks.

Fix any technical SEO issues

There are some quick fixes that will really help you. I had indexing and breadcrumbs issues for a long time and just couldn’t figure out how to fix them myself. It’s worth hiring a professional to look at them if you don’t have the capacity or motivation to do it Personally I think it’s better to use an SEO company in London rather than someone abroad as they’ll be able to relate well to any issues you may have.

SEO tips for London bloggers

Optimise your page with keywords

Keyword research is crucial and something I am still trying to fully understand. There are several different platforms you can use. I would love to recommend one in particular but I have been floating around between a few. Check back here for an update soon.

Label those pics!

Make sure all of your pics are labelled with the correct tags. You can do this with all of you new pics moving forward. However if you really want to go in-depth, you could go back and update your old images – removing them, renaming them and uploading them again. The choice is yours!

Consistency is key

It’s so tempting to put creating content on the back-burner but a regularly updated site will work wonders for your brand. Even if you are publishing something just once per week, try to keep it as consistent as possible.

Internal linking to new pages and posts

I wish I had started doing this from the start. Make sure every blog post you publish and every page you have on your site is linking to another relevant page or post. I can’t emphasise this enough. With new pages and posts, once you have published them, ensure that you go back to some old content and insert links into the new content there. That way, the new content will have an opportunity to rank higher too.

Fix those broken links

Something I kept putting off for a long time but when I finally got down to doing it, it didn’t actually take that long to complete. Over the years I had acquired tons of broken links, in particular on events pages that no longer existed. These broken links can be damaging to the SEO of a site so I knew it was time to get rid of them. There are various ways of doing it but I chose to install a broken link checker plugin which showed up all of the broken links and gave me the opportunity to fix them.

What are your thoughts on digital marketing and SEO? Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below!