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Experience Comfort and Body Shaping With Shapellx Shapewear on

Accept your physique, but sense the difference! Through shapellx, you’re sure to enjoy every other inch with your curvaceous figure when you look quite fit after you’ve been wearing our Shapewear. The Shapewear aims at making your figure look flawless. You should put this Shapewear with some elegance and confidence and still proudly display the far more stunning dress. When you hide this with the outfit, wearing the Shapewear would allow each inch throughout your body under the influence, the comparison would be highly evident. Mostly from the bottom bust to the legs, you can graciously conceal all of the problematic areas surrounding these perfect belly and waist Shapewear.

Smooth AirSlimTM Lace Bodysuit

For such a stylish and slender shape, the AirSlimTM Lace Smooth Bodysuit offers 360 levels of firm control. This one-piece was made in elegant stretching lace and provided a beautiful form underneath apparel and jeans. It is the best Shapewear for tummy control.

The characteristics:

Shapewear> Flexible shoulder belts may be dressed in spaghetti, crossed back, or “V” with comfort throughout tasks.

> Extended lace detailing mostly on chest or leg openings supports your breasts’ complete coverage, which creates a feminine charm and lightness.

> Mid-thigh bodysuit does have a 2-layer, belly control mesh section in the abs region.

> Loosen the gusset to relax as nature calls.

AirSlim™ Lace Smooth Bodysuit

AirSlimTM Firm Tummy Compression Shaper Shorts


>To avoid breaking, Zip Plus nine buttons Plus inner buckle.

> The waist has a super-plasticity of rubber.

> Separate buttock clipping, stretchability, and thus no buttock tension.

> The buttocks fit leather; the raising impact of the butt becomes evident.

> Feminine and lovely lace style.

AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Shaper Shorts

Thong Shapewear- AirSlimTM Backless

This one such Backless Thong Shapewear Bodysuit allowed you to concentrate on the maximum and overlook the fabric. Put in every intricate outfit, but this amazingly, sleek thong bodysuit would produce a comfortable alternative that is better than you have ever imagined.

Shapewear> The optimal solution for low-back skirts, perfect for formal attire and wedding clothes

> Helps smooth belly and raises the breast – highly flexible Shapewear concept.

> Straps adjustable via conventional to halter & crisscross style

> Thong back, including crotch protection by eye & hook.

AirSlim™ Backless Underwear Thong Shapewear

Smooth Panty Bodysuit with AirSlimTM Lace

A Large Sized Inexpensive Stylish Elastic Black Lace Patterned Bodysuit that perhaps you should wear during significant days, including birthday celebrations, marriages, and so forth.


> You notice quite comfortable to wear with a stretchy cloth;

> The crotch knobs are straightforward when you’re using;

> Lace stitching will render the curves quite sleek and lovely;

> To protect the belly, its front stomach has a dual mesh.


You laugh, as you’re very proud to wear your favorite dress when you’re wearing a Shapellx.com body shape. Your body will build the perfect place to improve your beauty. Until we try, we don’t know how vital a body shaper is. You’re trying to remember the transition all the time. You’re still in charge of your thigh region, starting from the bottom bust. However, the cloth of this waist trainer is utterly comfortable for the women.


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